Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Right One 4 Diesel by P.S. Talon and Princess S.O.

Title: Right One 4 Diesel
Series: Dominion of Brothers, 5
Authors: Talon P.S. and Princess S. O.
Publisher: Self
Genre: MM / MMFM / Erotic Romance / Drama / Action / BDSM – D/s
Pages: 418
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Diesel Gentry knows exactly want he wants. Like his brother, he wants a Unicorn, a life slave to surrender her every desire and need to him— who is, in essence and body, the very same woman his brother, Trenton Leos, already possesses. He also wants Paris Dalqeaute.

He had that powerhouse body in his domineering grip once before, but Diesel purposely let the fallen angel slip through his fingers. Being a Master of Doms within the BDSM lifestyle, Diesel knew he had to set Paris free— thinking and hoping Paris would eventually come back to him, and submit to Diesel willingly, not just because Paris’ job description required him to. After all, Paris had been hired as the director for the fetish and BDSM events down at the island resort Diesel and his brothers owned. Except Paris never did return; while he proved his value to his title, he has also been using his work to hide from Diesel.

It’s been a year now and Diesel’s bed and life have remained empty ever since. It’s time the running stopped.

Finding Paris wasn’t going to be the hard part– breaking down his walls to trust them both to commit to a life together was going to be the real challenge.

But even if Diesel succeeds, there’s a problem with their future— what’s to come threatens the lives of everyone Diesel loves— and he doesn’t even know it yet.


Right One 4 Deisel is the fifth book in the Dominion of Brother's series by authors Talon P.S. and Princess S.O. I will say I have always in the past found these two remarkable authors and I am huge fans of their works. But unfortunately I did not know this book had to be read in order to read and understand it completely. So I was so very lost reading this book. I focused on the main love story but felt by doing that I was missing a huge piece of a puzzle. I think true fans of this series would find this book more to their liking that I did.
Paris he has been hiding from Diesel for a while now. He has his reasons. He is a strong person with much on his mind. He wants to submit but not be weak.
Diesel is a master Dom. He knows who he is and what he can do. I like he is kind, rough, but patient too. Very intense dominate personality.
There is a ton of sex in this book, but I felt it was vital to the telling of this story. I wished though there was more story so I was not feeling like I was confused. However again I think true fans will love this one. Paris is a character from book one, and I am sure many of you are wondering what has happened to him. He has a great storyline and is an amazing character. 

                                    Four twinkling Stars


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