Saturday, June 4, 2016

Recommended Read: Raquel's Mane by Kortni Renea

Title: Raquel’s Mane
Series: Crossbreed, 1
Author: Kortni Renea
Publisher: Amazon
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 822 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Being Beta of the second largest Pride Compound outside of Headquarters was no easy feat. Neither was being the right hand man to the Koning Naissant of the Pride and a member of the Conclave, But for one of the deadliest lion shifters in existence, the responsibility was like breathing. 
Diesel Crews was born to be a leader. Leading came to him like second nature. Diesel's intelligence, strength and stealth providing a safe haven for all Pride residing at the Sierra Western Compound.  
Until Diesel discovers a large amount of money missing... 
Unable to locate the Pride’s finance manager Thaddeus Williams, Diesel follows up on a lead that has his path intersecting with… 
Raquel Sinclair is a former accountant who spends her days (and most nights) working and volunteering at Loving Hands Community Center. The same shelter that provided a safe haven for her when she was out on the streets as a tormented kid. Nothing brings Raquel the amount of joy that working with the youth does, but all of that is suddenly in jeopardy. Raquel finds that her financial advisor/ex-boyfriend has suddenly disappeared without a trace, just like her savings. 
Diesel enlists Raquel’s help to find her ex, only to find that the sexual chemistry between them is unlike anything he has experienced before. A distracting bond. The bond forming between the two is so powerful, it has the power to sever bonds Diesel has had for centuries.  
What ensues is a blazing love affair that breaks all the rules. Rules Diesel enforces on a daily basis with an iron fist, potentially putting both their lives and those of the Pride in danger and jeopardy… 
Warning: Sexual situations between adult woman and shifter male (whose original habitat is outdoors).

The Pack’s money is missing and Diesel knows just who to talk to to find out where it has gone. But first he needs to find the thief, and he needs Raquel’s help. Can he convince Raquel to work with him to find the man that has stolen from them both?
Raquel’s Mane by Kortni Renea was full of twists and turns as Diesel and Raquel searched for their missing money. I wasn’t quite sure where Ms. Renea was taking us but I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Raquel is no push over. She has had a tough life and doesn’t trust easily but for some reason she trusts Diesel, almost immediately. Ms. Renea does a wonderful job of articulating Raquel’s disquiet even as she gives into the heat between her and Diesel. And let me tell you, the heat between Diesel and Raquel was intense. The chemistry and passion fairly leaped from the pages. I believed in them as a couple even as both acted outside of their normal character. And talk about an ALPHA in beta clothing. Diesel was intense. I would not want to be on his bad side but boy would I love to be on his good one. It was obvious that once you were his, he would protect you to the death. I enjoyed seeing these two strong willed characters learn to bend in spite of the demands of their bodies. And while the heat between them was intense, Ms. Renea wove a wonderful story around them. The secondary characters and their interactions with each other raised this story to another level. I found myself laughing even as a fan was needed. The loyalty, friendship and honor were embedded throughout this story and increase my enjoyment as I read. This is the first time I have read Ms. Renea’s work and I can’t wait to see what she will bring to the table next!

            Five Shooting Stars and Recommended Read

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