Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Of Love by Sean Michael

Title: Of Love
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM,Contemporary
Pages: 136
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Free-spirited computer programmer Kent McMann loves life, candy, his family, and his job designing apps. With his go-getter attitude, he succeeds at anything he tackles. So having a child with a surrogate mother is the perfect start to the family he’s always wanted, even though he still hasn't found his longed-for Mr. Right.

Then, into Kent’s life comes triathlete Dex Lochland, who also happens to be a successful app designer, and the two of them hit it off. They soon begin a relationship full of fun, sex, laughter, and love. But when Kent learns his attempt at fatherhood with the surrogate has succeeded, Dex is shocked. Unknown to Kent until that moment, Dex has never wanted children.

Kent's decision before he met Dex might cost him the man of his dreams.

Of Love by Sean Michael is a really sweet read. I liked the kind and loving character of Kent he is a computer programmer. Has a go getter kind of attitude about him. He he a crazy kind of genius. Not the one night stand kind of guy.
Dex he is a successful programmer in his own right. He doesn't want children. Runs Ironman triathlons. He sometimes spends way to much time in his own head. Parties kind of bore him. He is a real fitness nut.
Who would think two men like these two would fall in love? And can love change the priorities you think you had? Both Dex and Kent learn to bend in this book. And Dex learns a whole lot about himself. I liked how both characters are what the other one needs. This is a spicy sweet romance and one I could not stop reading. 

                             Four Twinkling Stars


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