Friday, April 1, 2016

To Take a Dragon King by Fel Fern

Title: To Take A Dragon King
Series: Puppyville Pack, 3
Author: Fel Fern
Publisher: Fern Publications
Genre: MM, Paranormal,
Pages: 49
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
You know me. I’m Lorenzo, everyone’s least favorite person, and the villain in every piece. But even bad guys have feelings. My former lover shunned me. My current pack wants me gone. Things can’t get any worse…except that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A huge silver dragon shifter swoops into town—I’m not kidding. For some reason it’s out for my blood and it seems confused about eating me or mating me.

Then, the little evil light bulb flickers inside my head. If I take care of this little dragon problem, I’ll be upgraded from bad guy to hero. I might even make the alpha of the Puppyville Pack swoon over me. But to do that, I must learn how to take Drakon, the dragon king.


Puppyville is starting to be my favorite pack to visit. Lots of humor, love, and action to keep me reading. I love Puppyville Pack, 3. Not often you find a villain that you can love enough to let him become a hero. To Take A Dragon King by Fel Fern has the story of Lorenzo. Our favorite underwear model. Okay maybe not favorite. He does have his faults. Like an ego the size of dunno the entire USA. But you know sometimes bad guys are just misunderstood. I found once we got to know him I loved Lorenzo and his sassy smart mouth that gets him into more trouble that sometimes even he can handle.
Draken has come to Puppyville on a mission. He is the last king of the dragons. He wants his treasure. Puppyville has it so he is going to take it. When Lorenzo stops him ( yes Lorenzo) not only are the readers going whhhhhaaaatt?? but Draken finds mate.
The sharp witt, paired with steamy sex made this book unforgettable. I am hooked on the Puppyville Pack and cannot wait to read more. All books should be read in order. They do build on each other. 

                        Five Shooting Stars

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