Wednesday, April 20, 2016

TK Lawyer Blog Post - Centurion

Centurion's book blurb:

 Centurion has it all.  A talented charge, ladies at his
 disposal for a single encounter or more and access to all
 the coffee he wants once he lands on Earth.  Plus, he’s
 second in command of the volunteer band of angels called the
 Guardian League.  The one thing he never wanted was an
 intimate relationship with a human beyond the usual
 angel-charge boundaries.

 So when he finds a woman as strong and hot as the human
 beverage that tickles his fancy, what else can he do but
 pursue her until he figures out what to do with her.

 April loves her enticing, hunky angel but he’s a lot to
 handle.  He’s cocky, unpredictable but most of all…
 incorrigible.  What is she to do with a male who lives life
 by his own schedule?

 Can April and Centurion form a compromise and allow love to
 bind them together?  Or will Centurion’s inability to
 commit wedge them apart, forever?

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Welcome to my world-  about TK Lawyer

I have always had an interest in the strange and unusual and I’m a romantic by heart. So how did I come into writing, you ask? Well, I stumbled into it. Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened. I never pictured myself as a writer but sometime in 2011, craving some kind of excitement and adventure in my life; I jotted down a few notes for a book idea and never looked back. Funny part is, the notes I wrote never became a book, instead I took on subjects as wolf-shifters and angels and created their worlds and I have loved every minute of it.
I write passion-filled paranormal romance- weaving tales of alpha males willing to do anything for the one feisty, curvaceous, strong-willed woman who has won their heart. They will go to any length to please their mate, in and out of the bed.
I invite you, lovely readers, to enter my world, relax in an easy-chair, sip a soothing beverage, stay and be entertained. I write for you.

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