Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Emperor's Concubine

Title: The Emperor’s Concubine
Author: Killarney Sheffield
Publisher: Books We Love
Genre: M+F, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Pages: 235
Reviewer: Vela
Publisher’s Blurb: Ocean Delany wants the world to change, she's tired of the same old grey concrete existence, but on her eighteenth birthday a change happens she will regret forever. This is the time when all girls who have reached majority are called to perform the ultimate service to the Emperor, and the future of mankind. Ocean is in danger of losing the boy she loves, her family and her life unless she can find a way to fight back. Freedom has a price however. If she is willing to pay with everything she has, her dreams may yet have a chance to live. It is a story for forever.

Review: The Emperor’s Concubine by Killarney Sheffield allured me into read one page after the next, discovering a whole new world with a corrupted government.
Ocean Delany, formally known as two twenty three, is a strong willed young lady who accepts her future career choice as a concubine with hopes of being able to escape the Emperor’s grasp. She soon discovers there’s more to the government than what meets the eye.
Sol, Ocean’s best friend, falls in love with Ocean. Brave, wishing for a brighter future, he wished he wasn’t separated from when given their future career choices.
I love how Ocean Delany persists to be called by her real name instead of being someone labeled with a number. The story flowed really well. The plot was strong with memorable characters. It really kept me hooked on its strong essence and believable characters. It made me vote for the rebels against the Emperor and his soldiers. A hint of romance sprinkled throughout the adventure keeps the reader intrigued, rooting for the concubines and the rebels. It sounds like it could be the first of a trilogy, I hope so because I would love to read what happens next.

                                           Five Shooting Stars

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