Saturday, April 9, 2016

Somebody to Love by Shannon West

Title: Somebody to Love
Series: Out For You
Author: Shannon West
Publisher: All Romance Ebooks
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 111
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Somebody To Love (Out For You) by Shannon West - Romance>BDSM eBook
If you love someone…don’t let go.

Lonely and miserable, A.J. Tucker lives a life of quiet desperation. When he’s chosen to assist an award-winning author booked to speak at his school, the teacher realizes the shameful secret he harbors could be revealed. And it’s one that could destroy his quiet, private life if his family and school board find out.

Logan Williams has come to this small North Carolina town for one reason only: to get revenge on the submissive who left him with little explanation. The powerful Dom plans to do whatever it takes to convince Tucker to resume the lifestyle and relationship he left behind.

When these two men come together in a powerful clash of wills, the love between them resurfaces. Ultimately they are forced to reexamine everything they thought they knew about one another and themselves.

Out for You series' newest addition is Somebody to Love by Shannon West. I really am a huge Shannon West fan. I love the blend of love and BDSM she can bring to a story. This particular story is done in a series of flash backs, and modern day scenes. Couple that with the switching POVs and there really is a lot to this book. I found myself really drawn into the characters and their plight. What I found unfinished and I felt it needed to be finished, was the ending. Nothing is really resolved. We have a happy for now ending. While those endings really do have a place, I really felt this story suffered for that ending. I was really attached to the characters and wanted them to have some type of resolution.
Aubrey he used to be a sub. But his up bringing and insecurity with himself caused him to leave his dom, really without talking it out. There is a hole in him now, perhaps his old dom can fill?
Logan was Aubrey's dom. He has not forgotten his sub. He actually has come to town to get him back. Aubrey might be conflicted but Logan is determined to show him that his dom knows best.
I really loved the emotional angst in this story. Really well done and brings the characters to another level. Over all a pretty good read like I did say though the ending not so much for me. But don't worry I am still a Shannon West fan girl :) 

                             Four Twinkling Stars


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