Saturday, April 9, 2016

Shining Star Award: Surrender by Sarah Marsh

Title: Surender
Series: Coalition Mates, 4
Author: Sarah Marsh
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand Publishing
Genre: MF, futuristic scifi
Word Count: 46,443

Publisher's Blurb
[Siren Allure: Erotic Sci-Fi Romance, with M/M, HEA] Sally Owens was content to spend her life hiding in plain sight, that long as no one got too close or tried to wrestle the reigns away from her. When she goes out for a night on the town, getting kidnapped and shipped out into space was NOT what she had in mind. But above all else Sally is a survivor and she soon comes up with a plan to thrive in this new world. Arkenon Quinn is informed that one of the human refugees wants to join the Courtesan Guild and of course he is curious. However, when he meets the audacious and beautiful Sally he finds himself signing up to mentor her against his better judgement. What he couldn't have anticipated is how quickly this fascinating creature would steal his heart, forcing him to do something he's never had to do before - chase a female. Will Sally's painful past keep her from finding a future with the man who's like no other she's ever met? Or will she have the strength to place her body and soul in Arkenon's extremely capable hands? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Coalition Mates, 4 Surrender by Sarah Marsh has to be my favorite book in this series so far. Lots of action, adventure, but what really drew me to this one is the personal journey that Sally goes through. She has many facets to her personality and is a very vibrant character. One that you can admire as well as cheer for. She is the kind of character you would want in your corner. Loyal, sassy, fierce, and slightly vulnerable too. That softness makes her truly lovable.
Arkenon he is suppose to be professional in training Sally but for this fiercely private man it is hard when he wants the woman he is training. I love how he convinces Sally she wants him too. There are many layers to him that make him both Alpha and part geeky. I love that combination.
Over all this is a great addition to this amazing series. I would read them in order, I feel the tone and the storyline builds on itself over time. I love the world building in this one! So much to love. When you want a romantic scifi you can sink into this is the one to pick up. 

                    Five Shooting Stars and Reviewer's Choice Award


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