Friday, April 15, 2016

Ravishing His Vegan Pup by Angelique Voisen

Title: Ravishing His Vegan Pup
Series: Twolves of New Haven, 9
Author: Angelique Voisen
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary, Shifters
Pages: 48
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Wolves of New Haven, 9
Submissive Omega Ken doesn’t trust domineering alpha males, meat-eaters, and insensitive pricks. Van Walker is all three. Someone broke Ken’s heart once, leaving him to pick up the pieces. Slow and easy is what Ken wants in a relationship, but Van’s hell on wheels. Van doesn’t understand the word 'no'. Ken will buck before he says 'yes'. Can they come to a compromise? 


Ravishing His Vegan Pup is the ninth book in the Wolves of New Haven series by author Angelique Voisen. I did not read all of this series in order, I was not lost at all. So I think you could pick up this one and be fine if you never read this author before.
This story is the kind of story I love. Light hearted, fun, and erotic. Ken is a wolf with a lot of insecurities. His past boyfriend had drilled into him how worthless he was, and he bought into it. So he thinks he is a chubby, worthless wolf no one would want.
Truth is, he is kind, sweet, and has a great sense of humor. He is also vegan and an omega. He is a geek, loves computer and video games
Van is an alpha wolf. Domineering, crude, and sexy as sin. His brothers are mated to Ken's best friends. He was the defender of his brothers in their old pack. They did the dirty work for their old pack. So he has a rough rep to live down.
But he is kind, tough, and fair minded. I liked him very much I wish I could have seen more of his personality. This story is told from Ken's point of view so we really do not explore Van as much.
Over all this is a great sweet story that is both hot and a lot of fun to read. I cannot wait to read more from this series in the future and find out which wolves fall in love next.

                            Five Shooting Stars

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