Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mate of the Tyger Prince by Shannon West

Title: Mate of the Tyger Prince
Author: Shannon West
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press
Genre and Pairing: Sci-fi and M/M
Page Count: 262 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Diplomatic marriages between two members of different planets certainly aren’t unheard of—but for Prince Mikos of Tygeria and Col. Ryan Donnelly of Earth, it might just be a fate worse than death. The union is meant to end a devastating war that has lasted for over a hundred and fifty years, but when the female bride intended for the fierce, sexy prince runs away, her handsome brother is substituted instead. Men are for mating as far as the Tygerian prince is concerned, but the colonel also happens to be Mikos’s sworn enemy, not to mention being completely irritating.

Ryan is horrified to learn that the Tygerians not only expect him to take the place of his sister, marry the Bloody Prince of Tygeria, and go to live with him on his mysterious planet, but they also expect him to undergo physical alteration to have the man’s baby! And nobody is taking hell no for an answer. Ryan’s being asked to turn his whole life upside down and the handsome Tygerian gets under his skin like nobody else. But with the fate of the universe at stake, how can he say no? Can the two enemies put aside their differences and focus on making love and not war—not to mention a baby? As a powerful love struggles to take root, can they learn to trust each other and stand together against the forces that are trying to tear them apart?

Ryan doesn’t expect to find himself the groom when he returns to witness his sister political marriage. But when his sister skips out and a treaty that will end a war is threatened, can Ryan put aside his prejudices to avert disaster?
In Mate of the Tyger Prince by Shannon West we find out. This was my first time reading Ms. West’s work and at first I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When I first Ryan, I wasn’t sure I would like him. I mean I understood that he found himself in a situation. Tasked with adverting disaster and stepping in when his sister runs. Only problem, he prefers woman. And then learning he would have to give birth! Men don’t do that unless they do and accepting that would be hard for most. But at some point I wanted him to accept responsibility for his choices and when Ms. West allowed him to come to terms with the new direction of his world, I liked Ryan much better. He wasn’t the only one that made sacrifices for the greater good but he couldn’t pull his head out of the sand long enough to realize that. I wanted to knock him upside the head for his selfishness. Poor Mikos also had to sacrifice but he was much better at accepting his choices. I thought he got the raw end of the deal until Ryan grew a pair. But getting there was not easy for either man and Ms. West did not pretend it did which I appreciated. This story was full of unexpected twists and I thoroughly enjoyed my first time reading this author and will do so in the future.
                         Five Shooting Stars

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