Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Forgiving by Lavina Lewis

Title: Forgiving
Series: The Del Piero Pack, 2
Author: Lavina Lewis
Publisher: LL Brooks at smashwords
Genre: MM, paranormal
Pages: 88
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
If Liam and his mate Aled are to have a future together, they first need to let go of the past.

Werewolf Liam Harding is still grieving for his younger brother Toby who was killed in a head on collision. Being the glue that binds his family together is difficult for a man who is barely holding it together himself. Meeting his mate should be the happiest day of his life yet when they finally come face to face, Liam makes a terrible mistake. Aled went through hell at the hands of sadistic pack alpha Dai and his enforcers, and the experience left him with a deep dislike of shifters. If Liam wants a future with his mate, he will have to overcome his grief and convince Aled they are meant for one another. But before they can begin their happy ever after, both men have some forgiving to do.

Forgiving is the second book in the Del Piero Pack by Lavina Lewis. This series should be read in order. This story does build on the previous one.
Liam is an enforcer. Honorable, kind, and has a lot of pressure he puts on himself. He has a lot in his family he has to pull together.
Aled was prisoner of the rival pack. He has some real mental issues do to that, anyone would. He is gay and hiding it because he is scared the Alpha of this pack will hurt him for it.
When he is changed to save his life, he has a hard time forgiving Liam. But once he gets to know him, and finds out what wolves are really like he might just change his mind.
I really liked this story, had a great flow and connection to it, there were a few hiccups. One the author kept changing Aled's spelling of his name. That confused me. There are more than a few critical typos. The brother's name also gets messed up. I feel had this book had a good editor or just beta to read through it could be a five star. As it is was a confusing story. I would get the next in the series, the story itself is amazing.

                         Three Red Stars

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