Friday, April 15, 2016

Alpha's Virigin Pup by Fel Fern

Title:Alpha's Virgin Pup
Series: Puppyville Pack, 2
Author: Fel Fern
Publisher: Fern Publications
Genre: MM, Paranormal
Pages: 63
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher's Blurb
I’m Bobby Roy. Pitiful Omega. Loyal member of the Puppyville Pack. I’ve pined, longed, and waited for my gorgeous pack alpha for years. But every wolf knows Brick Rogers can’t be tamed. Brick is the kind of wolf who sees and takes without asking.

What’s even worse? Brick doesn’t even know I exist.

There’s only one way to get Brick’s attention, even if that means auctioning off my virgin body for one wild and unforgettable night.

Alpha's Virgin Pup is the second book in the Puppyville Pack series by author Fel Fern. This series should be read in order, the books build on each other.
This story we have Bobby a shy but daring omega. He needs to get the leader of the Puppyville pack to notice him. So what does an average omega pup do? Auction himself off. He puts his virginity on the line to get his man.
Brick might have a lot on his plate but when he sees his mate he goes for him. He might not have noticed Bobby before but now he has his man in his sights. Brick is a tough as nails leader, but passionate and fierce in bed.
I liked how Bobby could lighten Brick up. Make him less like a dark brooding hero. Bobby is the light in Brick's life. I like his feisty nature, Bobby is a spit fire when he wants to be.
When you want a series that has feisty and passionate men in it this is the one to pick up. 

                             Five Shooting Stars


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