Friday, March 18, 2016

Who's the Bad Pup? by Fel Fern

Title: Who's the Bad Pup?
Series: Puppyville 2.5
Author Fel Fern
Publisher: Fern Publications
Genre: MM, Paranormal
Pages: 34
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher's Blurb
A Puppyville Pack Holiday Special

It’s so good to be so bad…especially on Halloween.

This is Blue Barker again. That cute, chubby, submissive Omega who scored himself a drop-dead gorgeous dominant mate. It’s time for me to dress up. Be bad. Wild. Sexy. All the things I’m not, because it’s Halloween, my favorite time of the year where anyone can be whoever they want to be.

It’s time I remind my man, Jaime, why I’m worth owning…and I’m not going to let vengeful exes, pumpkin gods or for-hire goblin mercenaries get in my way.


I cannot get enough of this amazing series by author Fel Fern. Puppyville and those who live there are becoming my newest obsession. Who's the Bad Pup? Is 2.5 in the Puppyville series. Here we have my favorite characters coming back for some Halloween fun.
Jaime he is the big tough biker with tats. He is tamed by Blue the over weight, lacking in self confidence Omega with a ton of sass to him.
Well Blue is going to make Jaime really take notice of him by going to a Halloween party in a cat suit. One thing Blue is good at is pushing Jaime past his boundaries. But there is a little snag in the plan.
Don't worry though Blue has his friends to help him out. I loved this short story. Made me laugh, and is super sexy to boot. This should be read in order. I think you will find like me this whole series is an amazingly funny, hot must read. 

                                   Five Shooting  Stars


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