Friday, March 18, 2016

Surrender by Jessica Coulter Smith

Title: Surrender
Series: Intergalactic Loyalties,3
Author: Jessica Coulter Smith
Publisher: Changeling Pressing
Genre: MF, Futuristic Scifi
Pages: 63
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Kidnapped by pirates, all Meghan wants is to return to Earth and her brother, the only family she has left. Unbeknownst to Meghan, her kidnapping was not a matter of chance. The pirates were sent after her. But before they can sell her, or worse, she is rescued by more pirates and taken to the alien world of Tarnan, where she is told she must choose a warrior mate. Determined to return home at any cost, Meghan refuses every advance made to her.

Zayne, an inventor of weapons, isn't sure what to make of the Earth female. She isn't anything like the ones that have been brought to their world before. She's prickly and rude, and sometimes downright hostile. When he beseeches the Prime to allow her to return home, he, instead, ends up with her in his home, as his assistant.

As time passes, the two grow closer. When Meghan receives devastating news, it's Zayne who is there for her, comforting her. She begins to see the alien-hybrid in a new light and allows herself to open her heart to the possibility of a mate.

But the road to their union is a bumpy one, and both are left wondering if they will ever be allowed to be together as more than friends.


Surrender is the third book in the Intergalactic series by Jessica Coulter Smith. I found though this could be read as a stand along. I have not read the previous books and I was not lost in this story.
Meghan she is a really hard character to like at first. She is snippy, scared, and mean to everyone. This changes once we as the readers figure out what has happened to her I felt for her. She is strong, loyal, and determined.
Zayne is a scientist. He designs weapons. He really does not want Meghan around but finds himself saddled with her. He is a distant but cool character at first. Then we get to see more of his personality too. He really cares and cares deeply. He is just guarding his heart from Meghan.
I liked how this story progressed. I really felt the changes in the characters and felt invested in them and their journey. I would love to know more about this planet and the universe it is in. I will have to go back and read the books I missed out on before. 
I would say this is a well thought out series with lots of action and adventure. I liked meeting the pirates too. I hope they get a story in the future I know a certain captain I would be interested in knowing more about.  

                                      Five Shooting Stars

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