Sunday, March 13, 2016

Strength of the Alpha by Shannon West and Victoria Sue

Title: Strength of the Alpha
Series: Supremacy of Wolves,3
Author: Shannon West and Victoria Sue
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press
Genre: MM, Paranormal
Pages: 134
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
When Brandon finally gets his chance to train to become an alpha, he’s ecstatic. His joy doesn’t last long, however, when he soon finds himself one of the two most unpopular of the new trainees, along with a former house-human named Cody. Even their trainers, Rhys and Tucker think they don’t have what it takes and despite a growing attraction to the men, both trainers seem determined to wash them out. Even worse Brandon is more and more convinced that Rhys is his true mate. After a violent encounter with other recruits, both Brandon and Cody find themselves back home, wondering how it all went so wrong. Then Quinn, the Supreme Alpha, comes up with a bold new idea for a Black Ops team, and to Brandon and Cody’s surprise, they’re chosen as members, along with their former trainers Rhys and Tucker.

Brandon and Cody are determined to make good on this second chance, but their alpha partners doubt their abilities to perform their duties. The fact that Rhys is attracted to Brandon almost against his will only complicates things. When the new team is called up, it means Brandon has to work undercover for Mikkail, the hated homophobic bigot who tortured Brandon’s wolf the last time he got his hands on him. It soon becomes clear that the men will have to draw together to become a team or risk losing everything, including their lives.

I love it when Victoria Sue and Shannon West team up to write together. Always have such great stories and Strength of the Alpha is a great story. It is the third book in the Supremacy of Wolves series but can be read as a stand alone.
Rhys is a special ops trainer for the elite team of humans and wolves. Tough but kind. He is the one you want on your side in a fight. Very loyal and fair minded as well.
Brandon is human. A bit self absorbed or rather it seems that way at first. Rhys has been fighting his attraction to the spunky human for quite a while now. One of the other wolves has been making Brandon's life hell and spreading rumors about him. Through all that Brandon is still brave, kind, and determined to be more than anyone expects of him.
I loved the spirit and drive each character has in this book. Made me want to know more about them and for them to have a happy ending. There are a couple of hiccups in the version of this story I read. The main character's name is messed up a couple of times and few words are either missing or not spelled right. But other than those hiccups this is a great read I would highly recommend to anyone who loves MM, and werewolves. I love this series and cannot wait to read more about this world.

                              Four Twinkling Stars

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