Saturday, March 5, 2016

Single Wicked Wolf

Title: Single Wicked Wolf
Series: A Wicked Tale/Wolves of Willow Bend, 7.5
Author: Heather Long
Publisher: All Romance eBooks LLC
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Word Count: 25,000
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
He’s single, wicked, and a perfect pretend boyfriend…but exactly who is she fooling?

A Wolves of Willow Bend Novella

Murphy DeWitt enjoyed two years touring American consulates in Europe as an assistant to a diplomatic attaché. It was a dream come true, and a hell of a learning experience. A master of languages, she knows how to get her point across. Romance, however, proves to be a tongue twister. Now en route to Willow Bend for a friend’s wedding—without the make-believe boyfriend she created for her family—she debates how to confess her deception. Luckily, her flight includes a fantastically hot wolf that leaves her breathless and contemplating all kinds of naughty things.

Giovanni Conti thrives on protecting others. As a Centurion for the Seven Hills pack in Italy, it’s his pleasure to serve his Alpha wherever he is needed. Dispatched ahead in preparation for the Alpha pair’s trip to Willow Bend, he has no problem entertaining the sexy wolf he encounters in the airport. The last thing the playboy wolf expects, however, is to find in Murphy the most captivating chase of his life…

Headed home from travel abroad and you run into a sexy Italian. That is the stuff dreams are made of and in Heather Long’s Single Wicked Wolf we get to live the dream with Murphy. And boy did I enjoy the ride! Giovanni was sex on a stick and Ms. Long did an excellent job of portraying that to her readers. I wanted Giovanni for my very own. He was sexy, he was Alpha, and he was Italian. Need I say more? The chemistry between Murphy and Giovanni leapt from the pages. He was considerate and made even me feel safe. I think he has become my latest book boyfriend! But less about me and back to this story. I thought it was well written for all that it was a quick read. Murphy has told a little white lie that has snowballed. She is willing to right the wrong. I loved her sense of right even as I understood the how and why. She grabbed her dreams by the horn, followed them to fruition and landed in love, completely by accident. But oh what a wonderful accident. Ms. Long gave me a story that felt real even as it played into the fairytale many women have. Murphy and Giovanni were combustible even as they found moments to talk and just be. This was a wonderful quick read and I look forward to reading more from this author.

                      Five Shooting Stars

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