Saturday, March 5, 2016

Silk and Decadence by Wendi Zwaduk

Title: Silk and Decadence
Author: Wendi Zwaduk
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/F
Word Count: 14,883
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
There is always fun in the club, but taking the fun outside and into life might be exactly what’s needed for a lifetime of passion.
Sadie has never claimed to be a good girl. She loves to be at Push, a local dance and BDSM club, but she longs for more—especially with Master E. The blond-haired man with the sparkling brown eyes is everything she wants in a Dom. Too bad he’s also her boss at Delight Tonight. When they finally get together, their chemistry in the club is off the charts. Will that same passion translate into the real world or are they destined to crash and burn?
Elias likes his no-strings life, but once he plays with his mystery woman he rethinks his choice. She responds to him and his spankings like no other, making him want to break his rules. He longs to reveal his identity to her, but the risks could outweigh the reward. Will the relationship survive outside the club?
He’s about to find out just how decadent a little complication, complete with silk and spankings, can be.
Publisher's Note: This book was previously released as part of the Over the Knee anthology by Totally Bound Publishing. 

Sadie wants her boss but he doesn’t even know she exists. So when an opportunity presents itself, she takes a leap but can she accept the consequences of her actions?
I struggled with Silk and Decadence by Wendi Zwaduk. While the story was technically well written for me it felt mechanical. I didn’t buy the chemistry between Sadie and Elias. Elias was struggling with his very nature. He was a Dom whose confidence was shattered. He hid not only physically with the mandatory club masks but also emotionally. Sadie’s sexual needs perfectly meshed with his but would he accept she knew what she wanted? And Sadie was a pushy bottom, who accepted way more than warranted. The premise was there but for me the execution lacked emotional depth. I had too many questions which made it difficult for me to believe in their happily ever after. I mean if Elias wanted to keep things superficial why did he allow Sadie into his home? Why did Sadie run only to fall back into his arms the very next time she saw Elias? And why allow Elias to blow hot and cold with nary a whimper? I understood this was meant to be a quick read but I needed more. This is my first time reading Ms. Zwaduk’s work. And while it wasn’t my favorite, I will give this author another try, maybe with a longer story. 
                       Three Red Stars

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