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Rumpled Bear Skin by Sable Sylvan

Title: Rumpled Bear Skin
Series: Seattle's Billionaire Bears, 1
Author: Sable Sylvan
Publisher: Sable Sylvan
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 83 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Curvy public relations intern Artemis Miller can spin anything into gold, but can she save the Asher Lumber Company’s image? With a little help from billionaire bear Jasper Dixon, anything is possible. The last thing that Artemis Miller wants is to get burned by the handsome shifter she’s been paired with by their boss. After all, Jasper Dixon isn’t known as ‘Rumpled Bear Skin’ for nothing: the notorious playboy has a different woman on his bearskin rug every weekend, or so the office legend goes. The only thing that could make working with Jasper worse? The fact that she’s assigned to accompany him to the company cabin down in Port Jameson for a full week. The ante’s upped when Jasper gives her three chances to guess his mate mark. If she wins, she gets a raise, and if she loses? She has to have dinner with Jasper for the rest of the summer. 
The billionaire grizzly is running a major damage control campaign of his own. Jasper Dixon’s reputation precedes him, but he can explain: what’s a bear shifter without a mate supposed to do? It’s going to take more than pickup lines, wine, and caviar to woo Artemis Miller, the woman he’s sure is his fated mate, but of course, those things might just help him get what he wants. When he learns that Artemis has no idea he’s one of Seattle’s most eligible billionaires, Jasper realizes that the only way he can woo the Montana collegiate is to show her his Port Jameson roots, from taking her salmon fishing to escorting her to the Marionberry Festival.

Artemis’s father might have bragged about her abilities to his bosses at Asher Lumber, but he didn’t raise a fool. Artemis isn’t sure if Jasper’s just putting on an act or if the grizzly werebear is actually trying to befriend her…or even worse, trying to woo her. If it’s the latter, Artemis isn’t so sure she’ll be able to resist Jasper’s charms for long…but will she give him a second chance, and more importantly, will Artemis figure out Jasper’s mate mark?

If you love sassy BBWs and bear shifters are what you live for, sexy billionaires are what you dream of, and fated mates are your obsession, check out Rumpled Bear Skin! This book is a standalone novella, part of Seattle's Billionaire Bears, a series of remixed fairy tales set in Port Jameson, featuring the Dixon Clan.

Jasper has a reputation. He is a bit of a man whore, but he has a good reason. How else will he find his mate? Only problem, he thinks he has found her and she wants nothing to do with him. How can he convince her he no longer wants the dreaded Rumpled Bear Skin moniker?
In Sable Sylvan’s first installment of Seattle's Billionaire Bears we found out just how determined this bear is. I enjoyed Artemis and Jasper in this quick read. Artemis is young but confident enough to know she does not want to deal with a player. And once Jasper convinces her to give him a chance, we see the shifter behind the awful name. I loved that Artemis had very little artifice. What you saw was what you got with her and I appreciated that fact. Her outlook was so pure and I could totally understand what Jasper saw in Artemis. Speaking of Jasper, I loved that in spite of his nickname he was down to earth. He may have had money but it in no way defined him. I enjoyed getting to know him even as I was pulling for him to win Artemis over. While this story was short, Ms. Sylvan gave us something that felt complete. The emotions were real and the journey felt natural. I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from Ms. Sylvan in the future.

                       Four Twinkling Stars

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