Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nicolas by Serena Simpson

Title: Nicolas
Series: Love Me Harder, 4
Author: Serena Simpson
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MF, scifi futuristic
Pages: 173
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Nicolas was the healer in his family. He stood strong and silent on the edge of the action - waiting to help when needed. No one saw the hole in his heart that was slowly eating him alive. Nicolas yearned to be needed for more than his skill.

Janis was considered an outsider all of her life. A simple touch could burn her to the point of severe pain. She had learned to live in the shadows, to avoid the possibility she was being watched. The sense of impending doom was becoming overwhelming.

What happens when a male not needed for anything but his talent meets a woman who needs much more than a skilled physician?

They may go up in flames if their enemies don't find them first.

Nicolas by Serena Simpson is the fourth book in the Love Me Harder series. I did not read the previous books, I was not lost at all. I do though want to go back and read them all because this book was just that great!
Janis she is a really tragic heroine when we meet her. Imagine never being able to touch anyone without burning, or physical pain. She can not even hug someone without pain to herself. Going to the store and getting groceries is an event for her. People are just mean to her. That is until she meets her Alien Knight.
Nicolas sees teenagers harassing Janis and he saves her. He has come to Earth with his brothers in the hopes of getting a mate. Little did he know he would find her being tortured in a supermarket. He and his brothers work for a securities company. But originally he was a doctor. He is able to help Janis and her condition. I loved that he is geeky as well as alpha. That is a combo you do not see much of in romance and I loved it.
Over all I really loved this book. Lots of action, romance, and glimpses of how the Created live and a war that is coming. I want to go back now and read about the brother's I have missed out on, and I want more in the future!! Bring on The Created and those who love them.

                                         Five Shooting Stars

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