Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Inversion Point by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

Title: Invesion Point
Series: Chaos Station,4
Authors: Kelly Jensen, Jenn Burke
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: MM, Futuristic Scifi
Pages: 211
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Zander and Felix's relationship has been to the brink and back: the Human-Stin War, imprisonment and an actual death/resurrection. Zander's death, to be specific, and the experience has left him…changed. The mysterious race known as the Guardians chose to revive him and appointed him as their emissary. A high honor, but he could do without the group of would-be cultists following him around the galaxy.
When a recently discovered species destroys a stin probe, Zander's new role soon commands all of his time and focus. The human ambassador—Felix's ex-lover, much to Zander's annoyance—pulls them into strategy talks aimed at preserving galactic peace. Soon everyone is relying on Zander's Guardian tech to telepathically communicate with the strange aliens.
Only Felix seems concerned with the strain piling up on Zander, but he has his own resolve tested when the very stin that imprisoned him show up to a summit. Zander and Felix will both have to find a way to face their doubts and preserve their love—while preventing another galaxy-wide war.
Book four of Chaos Station
70,000 words

First off I would like to say do not start with book four in this series. I did and really had a hard time with this book. I do not think it was the author's fault it was mine for trying to come into an established series. Okay having put that disclaimer out there, Invesion Point by Kelly Jensen and Jenn Burke is a fast paced book full of action and adventure. I wish I could have appreciated the growth in the relationship between Zed and Flick more. Since this is the first time I have met them I was not feeling up to speed with them at all.
Zed in my opinion is the more level headed one of the two. He seems to be the logical one. Flick is more fly by the seat of his pants and full of mischief.
I did love the world building, I really felt a part of this story even if I was a tad lost. I would like to go back to book one and see what I missed. I think the build up to this point would have made this story far more engaging. I did like how both authors bring passionate story telling to make this a very life like story I wanted to know more of. Over all I thing fans of this series will love this addition to the world. But if you are me do not start with this book, read the series in order.

                             Four twinkling Stars

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