Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fantasy Warrior by Jaylee Davis

Title: Fantasy Warrior
Series: Alien Love, 1
Author: Jaylee Davis
Publisher: Forever More publishing
Genre: MF, Futuristic scifi
Pages: 95
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Aliens invade Key West during the island’s annual fantasy festival! Pamela Buchanan’s vacation goes south in a terrifying way. A handsome muscle-bound guy in a sexy barbarian costume rescues her. She finds him irresistible, but can’t believe her eyes when sharp blades emerge from his arms. Her private fantasy turns monstrously real when the demented alien claims she’s his mate and takes her to his spaceship.

Kord, a Tauran warrior, is part of a landing party sent to spy on Krellian slave traders. When a human female runs into him, literally, his body instantly recognizes that she’s his mate. Time isn’t on his side, but he’ll do everything he can to win her affection and trust before he’s overcome by claiming lust, a primal urge so strong he can’t resist

Fantasy Warrior by Jaylee Davis is the first in the Alien Love series. I have mixed feelings on this book. There are places where it is very good and well done, and places where I was like no, just no this cannot be happening.
Pamela is the daughter of a well to do politician. She is going to a fair in the Keys in disguise. There she gets the adventure of a life time. I liked she is a defiant, she is willful. But once she gets captured by Kord that spirit seems to change to just sultry and compliant.
Kord big macho warrior. He is on Earth to stop slavers. He finds his unexpected love there, Pam. Well Pam lies to him about her name at first. He can smell lies. He kidnaps her to save her from the slavers. Oh did I mention the first time they have sex is dubious consent? Yeah it is really dubious. I just did not like Pam turning her personality all the way around once she gets with Kord. It was like she was possessed by someone else.
Lots in this book are expected scenes. Which took away from the over all enjoyment I would have had. There is a story here, it is okay, not the best but hey it is pretty good. Just over look a few things and you will love this one.

                                     Four Twinkling Stars

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