Monday, March 28, 2016

Darkness Torn Assunder by Alexis Morgan

Title: Darkness Torn Asunder
Series: Paladins of Darkness, 9.5
Author: Alexis Morgan
Publisher: Pocket Star Books
Genre: MF, Futuristic, Paranormal
Pages: 250
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Continuing the sexy, paranormal Paladins series where Darkness on Fire left off, this original e-novella features larger-than-life warriors in a secret army that battles evil in the modern world.

Fifteen years after Emmett Stone was unjustly imprisoned for a brutal attack, the true aggressor came forward to tell the truth about that fatal night. Shortly before Emmett’s release from prison, he’s visited by two men who understand his strange ability to rapidly heal from anything, and why he’s driven to protect those around him. And they have a very unusual job offer for him…

When Emmett cuts his hand at work, his boss insists he go to get stitched up. To keep up the charade of normalcy, Emmett goes to the free clinic, where he meets Jana. Instantly drawn to her quiet beauty and caring nature, he vows to protect her at all costs. But will his fierce protectiveness and hidden secrets cause Jana to run?


Darkness Torn Asunder by Alexis Morgan is the 9.5th book in the Paladins of Darkness series. This series must be read in order. I did not and was completely in the dark about a few things. I had to mostly concentrate on the love story of Emmett and Jana to get through this book.
Emmett he wants nothing to do with the Paladins. When he is introduced to them because of his powers, he thinks they are all nuts. He prefers to be a simple bartender. Lucky for him they let him do that, and do not force his destiny on him. I liked that he had a choice. Made me love the Paladins.
Jana is a nurse practitioner. She really takes knowing about the super natural really easily. I don't know if that us common in this world but to me felt like why does she just accept things like oh yeah everyone can bring themselves back from almost being dead in two days. Yeah everyone can.
But hey she does not freak out at anything.
These two are really sweet together. I liked their story. This book also made me want to know more about Paladins and how they work in the world. Really fun paranormal read with lots of love inside. 

                       Four Twinkling Stars


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