Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bearly In Time by Kim Fox

Title: Bearly in Time
Series: Werebears of New Hampshire, 4
Author: Kim Fox
Publisher: Kim Fox
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 69 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
BBW, Rebecca Sanderson, is heartbroken. The hot bear shifter that she fell for over a magical weekend away in the mountains is a fraud. A player. A cheater. She runs away from New Hampshire devastated and right back into the arms of her ex-fiancée.

Bear shifter, Connor Jacoby, has no idea what went wrong. His bear bonded to the most incredible woman and everything was going right until she just disappeared off the map. She blocked his calls and stood him up and if that wasn’t bad enough, the word came down that she is back with her ex-fiancée and about to get married.

Will Connor be able to win back Rebecca before her fast approaching wedding? 

They were falling in love weren’t they? At least that is what Connor thought until Rebecca refused to talk to him. Rebecca thought she had found her match until Connor cheated on her. Or did he?
In Bearly in Time by Kim Fox miscommunication is the word of the day. And while that makes for a good story normally, I struggled because Rebecca was just too immature for words, at least for me. She saw something and instead of making a stand she ran. She then compounded her “weakness” by allowing others to maneuver her life to suit them and not her. I am not a fan of weak woman and Ms. Fox gives us such a character in this story. And if there had been growth by stories end I could have accepted the character. But Rebecca continued to take the cowards way out at every opportunity throughout this story. Connor wasn’t much better. When his heart was broken, he made a token effort but then became somewhat of a stalker. I was not impressed with his choices either. I will note that he was slightly better than Rebecca. I had such hopes for this story. It is a quick read but I could not connect with either character which made it hard for me. I kept waiting for Rebecca to grow a backbone and wished Connor had a better choice. 

                             Three Red Stars

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