Monday, February 22, 2016

The Biker's Dom by Sean Michael

Title: The Biker's Dom
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 77
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Trig isn’t looking for something special when he comes to the Gay Riders’ Carnival this year, but it just might have come looking for him.
It’s Trig’s fourth year at the Gay Riders’ Carnival and this year he’s not sure if he’s looking for more than a few nights of camping, checking out the booths and listening to the music. He’s been dumped a lot in the last year and is looking more to lick his wounds and just relax.
It’s the first time at the Carnival for Tarzan and he doesn’t know exactly what to expect. When he lays eyes on Trig, though, he knows what he wants. Trig claims he’s not a bottom, but he’s tripping all of Tarzan’s instincts.
Can these two men find a middle ground, or will their attraction last only as long as the Carnival itself?
Publisher's Note: This book is the sequel to The Biker's Pup by Sean Michael. It is best read in sequence but can be read as a standalone.


I am a huge fan of Sean Michael's writing, so I was very excited to see The Biker's Dom up for review. However, this book has a few problems for me. I do not feel the connection between the characters, this one felt like a story yes but only that. It did not come a live for me and really connect like this author's works usually do. That left me feeling sad, I truly am a fan, but it is an okay story never the less.
Characters we have Trig he is going to the rider's club carnival to sell some stuff have some fun. He is a happy go lucky type of guy.
Tarzan well he is a first timer at the biker carnival. Don't worry though he will find Trig and he will show him more than just the ropes of the show.
This book is a case of sometimes you get what you need but not what you thought you wanted. Each come into this relationship with different expectations and learn trying something new sometimes leads to love. There is bdsm light in this book, good romance. Like I said I think this one is just okay, but it is a romance worth reading. Good beginning, so-so towards the middle, and little rushed at the end. But over all an okay read. 

                                                 Four Twinkling Stars


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