Monday, February 8, 2016

Subspace H.C. Brown

Title: Subspace
Series: Club Depravity, 6
Author: H.C. Brown
Publisher: Luminosity Publishing
Genre: MMM, BDSM
Pages: 50
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Subspace (Club Depravity) by H.C. Brown - Romance>BDSM eBook
When Damon Lace, the lead singer of heavy metal band Satan’s Army, wants something, he usually gets his way in and out of the dungeon.

Now he wants Luke.

The temptation of becoming the sweet vanilla virgin dancer’s first lover is driving him crazy, but he has a small problem.

He wants Syn Clearwater as well.

He craves to have the two delicious boys under his flogger at the same time.

Two subs tied, their pale skin red from his special attention and both begging for more.

With Syn due to leave on tour with his band, Damon will have to be his devious best, to get both men into his dungeon.

“Oh yeah, you’ll wanna be there when I push my two sweet pups into subspace.” —Damon Lace.

Subspace is the sixth book in the Club Depravity series by author H.C. Brown. This book should be read in order or you will be lost, there is no back story, it just goes forward from where the last book left off.
Damon he is a Dom and plays in a rock band. He is not the most likable character. He comes off really arrogant and full of himself. His subs though adore him so I suppose he is redeemable.
Syn he is a base player for a rival band, but he has played with Damon before. He loves the Dom who can go all night long and give him a little pain with his pleasure.
Luke is the new virgin who loves pain. He is being drawn in by Syn but Damon wants both men. Forever.
I really liked the pace of this book, there is a lot packed into a short story. I just was not keen on Damon, I thought he came off too removed emotionally. I wished he was more involved in that way. Other than that really great story lots of heat, and the subs are really well written. 

                                     Four Twinkling Stars

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