Sunday, February 21, 2016

Something Shattered by Bailey Bradford

Title: Something Shattered
Author: Bailey Bradford
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 181
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher's Blurb
When something inside him is shattered by an act of violence, Caleb Tomas doesn’t think he can ever be whole again.

Police Officer Jesse Martin has lived in the small town of El Jardin, New Mexico, for a decade, but he’s never seen anything like the mysterious man who moves in in the middle of the night. The house across the street from Jesse’s trailer is no longer empty. There’s a puzzle waiting to be solved there, in the form of one sexy, but decidedly different, man.

Bruised and battered inside and out, Caleb Tomas flees to the town of El Jardin in the hopes of escaping the terror that haunts him. Instead, he becomes more of a recluse, scared of everything, unable to get more than a dozen feet past his porch before he panics. His head’s a mess, and he knows he needs help, but that’s a step he doesn’t want to take. It’s easier, safer, to stay hidden away with only his adorable puppy, Loopy, and the bird-murdering cat, Mix, for companionship.

But Caleb can’t help but notice the sexy man across the street, and when Loopy escapes from the back yard, it’s Jesse Martin who comes to the rescue.

And he might save more than one bouncy little poodle, if Caleb and Jesse are willing to take the risk.

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to physical assault.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

Something Shattered by Bailey Bradford is an emotionally charged read that I could not put down. Caleb is a very complex character. He is both scared and brave at the same time. He has to be brave just to make it to his mail box, but his sexy neighbor gives him courage from his mere presence across the street. Caleb has PTSD, and has to learn to trust again. I adored his little dog too.
Jesse is a protective person by nature. He is also a police officer. He can tell something is special about Caleb even before he knows his name. Something about the man makes him want to know more about him. He is a protective and sweet character.
There is really two obstacles in this story. The first is what happened to Caleb the second will be dealing with what gay love means in a small town atmosphere. I loved how Ms. Bradford makes me really feel connected, and in love with her characters. I loved the story but its is the characters to this one that are completely unforgettable. I personally read a romance to fall in love, and this one does just that for me. I think a true romantic personality would love this book as much as I did. Both men are strong in their own ways, they each bring something special to the relationship, I like that. Equally intriguing and lovable, true must read. 

                              Five Shooting Stars


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