Monday, February 15, 2016

Smashing the Spotlight by B.A. Tortuga

Title: Smashing the Spotlight
Series: Infamous
Author: B.A. Tortuga
Publisher: All Romance Ebooks LLC
Genre: MM Paranormal Contemporary
Pages: 206
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Smashing the Spotlight (Infamous) by BA Tortuga - Romance>Erotic Romance eBook
Sometimes the moon shines brighter than the stage.

Connor ‘CJ’ Lamont is at the top of his game playing the bad boy of country music. The problem with his ultimate redneck persona is that… well, he’s not. CJ is a wickedly smart songwriter and musician who suffers from an excess of personality. He lives, not for the spotlight, but for the three months of downtime each year when he can finally be himself.

Sexy werewolf Lee Mills is hired as CJ’s new security to keep him safe and assure that he stays on the medication he’s been on since birth. But when Connor’s parents see sparks fly between their son and his new security guard, they are intent on keeping the wolf at bay. Of course, Mills isn’t used to taking orders, at least not from anyone who isn’t his pack alpha, and he has no intention of following the rules.

In fact, if Mills has his way, he’ll be smashing the spotlight and showing Connor the moon. 


Smashing the Spotlight by author B.A. Tortuga is a very different take on the werewolf themed romance. I wanted to like this one far more than I did. I felt there as a spark missing in this story. Usually Ms. Tortuga gives great heat and chemistry but I felt it lacked in this story, so for a full on love story this is a miss for me. However the story idea itself is very good. I still remain now and always a loyal B.A. Tortuga fan girl. I just think this one missed the mark slightly.
We have CJ, so many reasons I loved him. He is a werewolf trying to deny what he is to please everyone else but himself. He allows himself a couple months out of the year to be free. He is a country bad boy singer, that is his pretend face. His real face is a geeky math guy, who is shy, and likes to write songs. I didn't like the idea of taking medications to suppress the wolf. But I suppose that is part of denying who you really are.
Connor, easy going by nature and a werewolf. Hired to help reign CJ in. He becomes the love interest. This is where I felt the story went off the rails. It is pretty rushed and forced. The character himself is a great one but the love interest was very forced in this story.
Over all not the best romance nor the worse I have ever read. It is okay. If you are fan of forced insta love, this is a great read to pick up. For me was a miss. 

                             Three Red Stars


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