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Slaveworld Series 1-4 by Kelex

Title: The Auction, The Initiation, The Training, The Return
Series: SlaveWorld 1-4
Author: Kelex
Publisher: Twisted Erotica Publishing\
Genre: M/F, MM, Hermaphrodite, Alien Bondage, Forced Seduction, and public humiliation, Testicle, Orgasm denial,Suspension Bondage. Scif Futuristic,
Pages: 29,30, 35,24
Reviewer: Redz

that link will bring up ALL the titles in the Slave World Series at ARE.

Publisher Blurbs 

Book one- The Auction

One of the last humans left after the Takaerie destroyed Earth, Thomas lives on Mythria and works the mine there to earn a meager living. He meets the daughter of the mine’s owner and falls head over heels.

When her father catches them in the act, he becomes enraged and demands satisfaction for Thomas stealing her innocence. On trial, Thomas is charged and sentenced to be auctioned off to the highest bidder on Valkin, a sex slave planet.

Once on Valkin, Thomas stands on the block and faces the new world with as much pride as he can muster, which attracts the attention of Lord Valyr, who has always coveted a human slave.

Forced into the possession of a master, Thomas fights the dark desires being a submissive cause within him, without much luck.

Book two- The Initiation

One of the last humans left in the universe after Earth was destroyed, Thomas was found guilty of deflowering Khari, a Mythrian hermaphrodite. Her mine-owning father and Thomas’ employer, has sent Thomas to Valkin, to be auctioned off in the sex slave trade to punish him. Bought by Lord Valyr, Thomas fights the rush of lust he feels for his new master and dreams of escaping and taking Khari away.

When Valyr pushes Thomas too hard and forces him to succumb to the dark needs within him, Thomas can’t face the pleasure he feels. An internal struggle pushes Thomas to the edge of insanity as his body is driven to the brink of ecstasy.

Lord Valyr has always coveted a human slave as he is tired of the biddable ones sent to his planet. The fight excites him like none other, but will it force him to go too far?

Book Three- The Training

Thomas has been pushed past his limits and is unwilling to admit he enjoys the pleasures of his master. Until he is willing to relent, his master sends him to be tormented, where he’ll be stuffed and gagged, hung from the wall.

Lord Valyr leaves to find the one person who will open Thomas’ eyes to the realities of his situation and comes back to find his slave broken. Thomas is willing to tell Valyr almost anything to end his torment.

But once Thomas confesses he enjoys his master’s touch, he will face another battle when he has to face the truth and make a hard decision.

Warning: This 11,295 word story contains m/m, m/f/m, m/hermaphrodite, bondage, discipline, sensual torment, humiliation, orgasm denial, forced seduction, and public humiliation. It is intended for readers over 18.

Book Four- The Return

The conclusion to the series...

Thomas is given his freedom just as he finally realizes he doesn’t want to go anywhere – unless his master is at his side. He hopes Valyr is mistaken and will tell him it’s all just a bad joke, but he flies away, leaving a piece of himself on Valkin.

Valyr hopes Thomas will admit he wants to stay and not leave, but Valyr can’t continue to hold Thomas against his will, not when Valyr begins to feel deeply for the man.

After he watches Thomas take off, Valyr decides to race after his sub and catches up with him on the shape-shifter inhabited Planet X. There, he lures Thomas to a brothel unlike any other.

In the whorehouse, Valyr claims to be a shifter prostitute, trying to tempt the truth from Thomas, the one answer he must know. Will Thomas return to Valkin?

Warning: This 11,908 word story contains m/m, bondage, suspension bondage, discipline, sensual torment, forced seduction, and humiliation. It is intended for readers over 18.


I chose to do the reviews of The SlaveWorld Series by Kelex a little differently. It is a serial and I felt I could give away far too much of each individual story by doing a review for each of them. They are all sold separately, but for the sake of not giving everything away I will review them all as one book. It is the story of Thomas, and Valyr and how they grow from book to book to the love they will have in book four.
Book One: The Auction
Thomas works at a mine, he is having sex with the minor's daughter a hermaphrodite. He gets caught and sent to auction as punishment. Thomas does not take to being a slave well. Nooo. He thinks it is like being an animal. He fights it with everything he has.
Valyr had saved the prince's life, so the prince does him a favor and buys Thomas a human for Valyr. He knows Valyr has always wanted one for his very own. It is a very expensive gift too. Valyr has to learn that his new slave has a mind of his own and will need a lot of training before he surrenders. In this book it is more a get to know you kind of thing. We are introduced to a new world and how that world works too. I really loved how detailed this one was kept me wanting more.
In Book Two: The Initiation- Valyr thinks the way to keep Thomas with him is to break his spirit. But Thomas refuses to be broken. This one is more about the physical domination of Thomas, and how that psychologically effects both sub and master. While tons of BDSM in this book, I found myself really loving the emotional connections inside this one.
Book Three: The Training- Here Thomas has to learn to let go of the woman who got him auctioned off in the first place. How cold hearted she really is. This will allow him to take his and Valyr's relationship to the next level. This book is a little less romantic more about breaking Thomas rather than dominating him. Not my favorite but still important to the telling of this entire tale.
Fourth and final book: The Return here Valyr learns if you love someone you must set them free, if they come back they were meant to be yours. Thomas has to learn just because his master lets him go doesn't mean he does not want him. He is just trying to give him what he thinks he wants. Perfect ending to this saga. I liked how this was wrapped up.
Overall I really enjoyed the emotional ups and downs of each story. Though short and wrote serial style this is a series with heart and soul and I am very glad I got to read it.

                                  Five Shooting Stars

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