Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sin's Calling by Lea Barrymire

Title: Sin's Calling
Author: Lea Barrymire
Publisher: Self
Pages: 70
Genre: MF, Paranormal
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Victoria is first and foremost a business owner, working to help her sister and brother demons work within the confines of their nature. She’s also a succubus, created by a Maker and revered for her demon perfection. The latter being something she despises with her whole heart. As she works to free others like her from the daily need to feed from sexual partners she stumbles across her mate. Now she’s fighting destiny and the call of his lust, refusing to sate her need on the one male made for her.

Dominick is a technowizard used to living his life his way. When he arrives at a business meeting and senses his mate he’s intrigued. When she slams walls up around herself and refuses to even look at him he goes on the prowl. He uses her sex phone business to get her attention, but can he keep her on the line long enough to capture her heart?


I loved this book. Sin's Calling by author Lea Barrymire has humor, love, and angst all kept me reading the pages and wanting more.
Victoria is a Succubus not because she was born that way, or had a great yin to be one, nope she was attacked and it was forced on her. How does one handle being a sex demon for all eternity? Well start your own phone sex company. Get all the sex you can eat with none of the icky entanglements or people knowing your a sex sucking demon. Victoria is very smart. She created SIN incorporated and even has employees. Talk about making your paranormal gifts work for you. She never has to risk her heart, and she is safe. Perfect life as far as she is concerned.
Dominick has worked hard to get a phone date with Victoria. I love that he is a tecnowizard. That is a twist I have not seen a lot of. Plus I love the geeky kind of guys. Dominick is that but his a romantic too. He is willing to woo his woman. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get his mate to admit they belong together.
This book is both sweet, funny, and sexy all at once. I really would like to see a series made out of this universe. I know I would love to know more about those that work at SIN Incorporated and who they might fall in love with. When you want a paranormal romance with a twist this one is perfect to pick up. 

                    Five Shooting Stars

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