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Recommended Read Naughty Chances by Various Auhtors

Title: Naughty Chances
Author: Katherine Kingston, Regina Kammer, Nicole Austin, Alexa Silver, Suz DeMello, Berengaria Brown, Charlotte Boyett- Compo
Publisher: Naughty Literati
Genre: Fantasy, Futuristic, Historical, Holiday, M/M, M/M/F, Military, Paranormal, & Shape-shifter, MF
Pages: 160
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
When Sophie helps rescue a battered woman, she gets more than one surprise from the woman’s other self-appointed protector.

On a cold winter’s night in 1778, two patriot soldiers recall their first sensual encounter and ponder their future together with the women they love.

YOUR ONE AND ONLY by Nicole Austin
My day from hell took a delightful turn when I woke up naked next to the most gorgeous man. But he’d bitten me and claimed I was his mate. Oh my!

TAKE A CHANCE by Alexa Silver
Hunter and Lani never expect to find love from a near tragedy.

Luna, 2114… A reluctant Shayna must travel to remote Farside Colony to meet her chosen mate.
*previously published as First and Last*

Blake sees Xavier agonizing over unclaimed gift tags for poor children on the holiday tree. Will Blake tell Xavier about his past and his problem?

THE NIGHTWIND’S GAMBLE by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
In the Readem and Reap casino on the edge of the Megaverse, Nightwind Ardian Cree may lose his life-mate with the draw of a card. Will luck be on his side or will he lose everything he holds dear?

Naughty Chances is an anthology with a little something for everyone. Fantasy, futuristic, Historical, Holiday, and Shifter romances await you inside this anthology. You have many pairings to choose from as well, MM, MF, and MMF, I know I also found a couple of new to me authors. I love anthologies for that reason. It allows me to have a sample work of an author I would like to try out. There are stories by the following authors, Katherine Kingston, Regina Kammer, Nicole Austin, Alexa Silver, Suz DeMello, Berengaria Brown, and Charlotte Boyett-Compo Because all of these stories are super short I am going to pick just a couple for the review.

Sophie's Christmas Gargoyle by Katherine Kingston- I picked this one because Ms Kingston made me really love a Christmas story. I am not overly fond of holiday stories but this twist really captured my attention and made me want more of something I would normally not read.
Sophie the heroine in this story, she helps out a woman who is battered by her lover, and is out in the rain. Sophie knows what it is like to be a battered woman so she is more than willing to help. I liked her spirit, Sophie is a strong woman I liked that about her. She is also kind for no reason and very brave.
Mark- he is rather mysterious when we first meet him, and a tad creepy with his need to help. But once we get to know him and his reasons he becomes a character I would love to know more about.
Through all this we find that love can do more than just bring people who would have never met together, it can literally change a being's whole life forever.
I wished this one had actually been a full blown story not just a short. I would also like to see this as a series the ideas and imagination in this world are really worth exploring further.
My next pick is a very different story. Take a Chance by Alexa Silver. The draw for me was the emotions and how these two come back from tragic loses. I like stories of the human spirit and how it endures. This one reminds me of that.
Lani and Hunter have quite the history. They are both survivors of a plane crash. Hunter was second in command. He is shy, reclusive even, and has quit flying to become a writer. But he has never forgotten Lani and her kiss after the crash. They both are now getting over the loss of the Captain of the plane who was hit by a drunk driver.
Lani has taken all of this and the loss of her grandmother to mean she must take life by horns and do the things she has always wanted to do.
Hunter has taken all this and basically closed himself off to everyone. But I think Lani can get under his defenses. I like the start of their love story here. Very beautifully done. I also couldn't stop smiling at the ending. It is so cute you have to read it for yourself.
Over all Naughty Chances is a great anthology with lots of great short stories. Lots of love and a little something for everyone. When you want to have love from unexpected places this is the book to pick up.

                        Five Shooting Stars and a Recommended Read 

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Kate Kingston said...

Thank you so much for that lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading about Sophie and Mark!