Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Furever Yours by Catherine Vale

Title: Furever Yours
Author: Catherine Vale
Publisher: Wild Hearts Press
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 85 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Snow flakes, hot chocolate, a silver coated wolf…and a baby.

Jade Garcia’s life as one of L.A.’s top ad exec’s is hectic and demanding, and escaping to the snow topped mountains of her grandparent’s sky resort was long overdue. Needing to simplify her life, if only for a few days, Jade’s nights heat up out of control when she meets the silver-eyed Dawson McKinnon.

As the enforcer for an overzealous Alpha, Dawson decides to take a break despite the demands of a leader desperate to retain control of his dwindling pack. But, as Dawson stares into Jade’s vibrant green eyes, appreciating the thick, luscious curves of her body as well as her soft, plump lips, he knows exactly how he wants to exert himself. 

With easy fun and hot, sexy nights entwining Dawson’s sleek, muscled body with Jade’s sensuous, inviting warmth, the two loners, in control of their separate worlds, are pulled together by one shared spark—the baby given life by them both.

Sometimes you have to let go to hold on.

Sometimes love is a risk worth taking. 

I struggled with Furever Yours by Catherine Vale. This was a quick read but for me it lacked a special spark that makes a book just come alive. Jade and Dawson met, had dinner, and fell into bed all in one day. And it felt contrived to me. I wanted more than a slam bam thank you ma’am type of sex,  but that is what I got with this story no real love so to speak but more just lets have sex now. I appreciate strong female characters and Jade started out that way. She was smart, successful and adored her grandparents. She came home for the holidays in need of the rejuvenation that being with family provides and then it went off the rails for me. I didn’t feel a connection to either Jade or Dawson. Without that connection to the characters I went out of the realm of romance to just reading a story about two people having sex. I need to feel a part of a story to be immersed in that world and this one just feel short for me. Dawson was the alpha of his pack but I didn’t get the feel that he was all that alpha in person.  His personality did not say Alpha to me. He is more of a regular guy. While the sex was intense I did not buy the relationship and that is a shame. Ms. Vale’s story showed promise in the beginning but her focus shifted from telling the story to telling the sex and I wanted both. I have read Ms. Vale in the past and will likely continue to do so. This story just fell short for me.

                    Three Red Stars

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