Friday, February 26, 2016

Comfort Zone by Alexa Milne

Title: Comfort Zone
Author Alexa Milne
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 235
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's blurb

What would make you reach outside your comfort zone?

Aron Roberts helped his previous love discover a new one, so now he’s on his own, living only for his work and the times he manages to escape into the sky. He meets Joe Welsh again—a man he met at the roadside a year ago, a man who became an out-of-reach figure in his fantasies. Aron discovers Joe’s life has undergone major changes since their last meeting. The spark of attraction ignites into flames only to be put out by uncomfortable truths.

Can Aron overcome his fears and step out of his comfort zone to find love? Can Joe help Aron to deal with his past and trust him enough to allow Aron into his life?

With the help of family and friends, and a very determined one-year-old girl, Aron and Joe have a journey to make and obstacles to overcome, if they are ever going to get their happy ever after.

Publisher's Note: This book is linked to Sporting Chance but can be read as a standalone novel


Comfort Zone by Alexa Milne is the first time I have read any of Ms. Milne's work. I really like the style she brings to her romance, intense, angsty, but normal men finding love. No one is the super alpha of the pair, they both are just average people finding love for the first or second time in their lives.
Joe is a chef. He also has a little girl, his wife died giving birth to her. He is bi sexual, and finds himself attracted intensely to his newest boss. The connection is intense and both of them have it. Joe is the bravest to act on it first.
Aron is a managing director. He loves to run and is on the skinny side. Openly gay, he is attracted to Joe but worries what a relationship would mean to his life and career at this point.
I found both of these men to be good kind hearted people that you really are cheering for. Pushing their personal comfort zones is how they find the love of a life time. Really angst filled read with intense sexual scenes. 

                                     Four twinkling Stars

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