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Broken Toy by Angelique Voisen

Title: Broken Toy
Series: The Piston, 2
Author: Angelique Voisen
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: MM, BDSM
Pages: 45
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb

Thirty-year-old submissive Oliver Barnes is a workaholic. Ollie practically lives in his office. After his old Dom dropped him for a younger sub, Ollie wants to avoid complications and more emotional scars.

Dominant Garth Wagner is a young repairman who works at the same building. He’s intrigued by the busy suit who doesn’t seem to have a life beyond the office. When Garth catches Ollie in a compromising position, he makes Ollie a proposition. Ollie has to be his for an hour, or he tells Ollie’s boss what he does during his spare time.

Ollie expects Garth to cash in sixty minutes of dirty down time. He recklessly bares it all, not expecting Garth might demand the ultimate toll. Losing his job might be the least of his worries when what Garth ultimately wants is his complete surrender.
Be Warned: m/m sex, BDSM, spanking, sex toys


Broken Toy is the second book in The Piston series by Angelique Voisen. This series is really disappointing for me. This book feels like Ms. Voisen recycled the first book, but only wrote it better the second time around. We have the same premise, the same idea, only we have changed names and scenes. But I will say I at least loved all the characters in this book. So that made me happy. There are some very hot scenes too, I love the tie scene in the bathroom.

Oliver or Ollie as he prefers to be called is almost the same character from the first book. A man who has gone through foster care, has a huge miss trust of the BDSM he craves due to his master dumping him for a younger sub. I will admit I like that Ollie admits he is not sure if he is ready for a new dom even though his old dom has moved on and he does have feelings for Garth. Very conflicted character with many layers.

Garth now he is a dom I can love. Tough, perfectly alpha but very understanding of BDSM and how it effects the sub. I liked that he was a trainer at the Piston, I wish that was more explored because he is really a very interesting character I would like to know more of.

I feel this story is a beautiful start to the love these two have. They will have much more to tell later I hope they are revisited in other stories. They have fire, love, and lots of romance inside them.

Four twinkling Stars

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