Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bare Knuckled Black Bear by Kim Fox

Title: Bare Knuckle Black Bear
Series: Ultimate Shifting Championship, 3
Author: Kim Fox
Publisher: Kim Fox
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 115 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Skyler Cash is back in Laughlin City, the place that she swore she would never return to, and she has her hands full. She is a female human in a town full of male shifters, her brother is trying to steal the family logging company from her and a hot rugged werebear has inexplicably bonded to her. The smart move would be to return to her comfortable life in New York City but she feels that she owes it to someone to stay.

Jack Jones is in love. His black bear has bonded with the sexy new human in town, which makes him, and his friends, targets from her multiple enemies. But what is a bear shifter do? Walk away from his mate? Well that ain’t going to happen.

When the new town boss, and Skyler’s brother, Brad decides that he wants Skyler out of Laughlin City there is only one shifter who can step in and help her out. But Jack may lose everything for his mate, his friends and for himself when he has to step in the cage and face an opponent who will fight dirty and do whatever it takes to win the company and send Skyler away for good. 

Okay I love a story in which there is one person fated to be yours but I had an issue with bonding before you speak one word to your intended. And that is what happened in Bare Knuckle Black Bear by Kim Fox. I mean Jack has already presented himself as a bit of a hot head but this was too much for me. I mean Skylar walks into a bar, he sees her and bam his bear has bonded. I just couldn’t stand it. How in the world is there even a remote possibility they will suit? And then Ms. Fox had him running behind her like a puppy and that was off putting for me as well. The relationship felt unequal even as it was developing. I will say that I enjoyed the relationship between Jack and his friends. Their support of and for each other was something I enjoyed seeing. Their willingness to help Jack secure his lady love was sweet and put a smile on my face. That felt real and believable to me and I wish Ms. Fox had carried that ideal throughout this story. I feel this story just fell short of being a fully cohesive and connected story. The uneven balance in this story left me feeling as though this one is one I would skip. 

                             Three Red Stars

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