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A man in Uniform: MM Bundle by Various Authors

Title: A Man in Uniform : MM Bundle
Author: Brenda Cothern, Whitley Gray, E.M. Leya, H.L. Holston, Eleanor Bruce, Ethan Stone, Sara York
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 198
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Meet the men in uniform. These are everyday men who put on a uniform and become our heroes. Through good times and bad, they are there to save the day, sacrificing more than most of us can imagine as they put their lives on hold in service to us.

Love doesn't wait until life is calm, and sometimes it's the pressure of the job that throws two men together. Under stress and demand, they find solace in each other, forming bonds that can't be ignored.

Follow our heroes as they fight not only for what is right and just, but also for their hearts and the men they love.

Recruited by Brenda Cothern

Michael Knight. No, not that Michael Knight, but undercover Officer Michael Knight in Tampa. Being fed up with the harassment and practical jokes from his co-workers for the last two months, he finally snaps and requests a transfer, little does he know he's already been recruited by another agency. Lone wolf Aaron Slade was not very happy about being assigned a partner, but he still makes an attempt to introduce himself so Knight won’t be surprised they are working together come Monday morning.

The Last Easy Day by Whitley Gray

The day Lieutenant Kurt Crandall entered Navy SEAL training, the last person he expected to encounter was the guy who seduced him two nights ago. Despite the risk, Kurt can’t resist JJ’s invitation for a covert fling. Days short of graduation JJ drops out; he shows up eight years later, newly assigned to the SEAL team under Kurt’s command. It doesn’t take long for them to succumb to temptation. A fellow SEAL tries to stir up trouble, but the threat pales when a mission leaves a life hanging in the balance.

Love Undercover by E.M. Leya

Nick spent the last few years deep undercover, trying to bring down one of the most notorious biker gangs in the country. As the case is coming to a close, one last surprise puts all his hard work at risk.

Tony didn't think he'd ever see Nick again after they went their separate ways, both choosing their careers over love. Still, he never forgot how good it was between them, and the memories kept him going over the years. 

Be it bad luck or fate, the two men are thrown together once more when Nick comes home to find Tony with a gun to his head, and his life in Nick's hands. 

Hand to Hand by H.L. Holston and Eleanor Bruce

Navy medic Gavin Rathman has been attracted to his Lieutenant, Jackson Blackwater, ever since they were put on the same SEAL team. When Jack is shot on a mission in Afghanistan and put on medical leave, Gavin finally has the opportunity to act on those desires.

But when Jack recovers, and Gavin and he are paired up again, will their status as lovers change their working relationship? It could prove to be disastrous. Is it a gamble worth taking?

One More Time by Ethan Stone

Small town cop Will Jacoby is comfortable in his life until he starts to see his younger neighbor and friend in a different light. Brannon Frost is a handsome young man and Will is confused by his interest. After the death of Brannon’s father Will is no longer able to deny his feelings, even though it could damage his carefully constructed life and career.

Training Buds by Sara York

Dixon Carter’s world is shattered when he finds his husband cheating, but heading to BUDs training might be the only thing that saves him. Once in California he puts his all into the class and the last thing he’s looking for is someone to love.

Kyle Sauter wants to make his dad proud, and that means never admitting that he is gay. So far, he’s hidden his desires, kept his lust at bay, and has vowed to continue on the path of celibacy.


A Man in Uniform MM Bundle includes : Recruited by Brenda Cothern, The Last Easy Day by Whitley Gray, Love Undercover by E.M. Leya, Hand to Hand ( Wet Seals,1) by authors H.L. Holston and Eleanor Bruce, One More Time by Ethan Stone, and Training Buds by author Sara York. There is a little bit some something for everyone in this book. I am going to pick out a couple of my favorites to talk about in this review, but it was hard they are all great reads.
My first pick is Recruited by Brenda Cothern, this is a new to me author so I was very excited to read this story.
Officer Michael Knight he is getting teased and basically overly teased for his name. His fellow officers have found out he is gay and they are letting him know their displeasure. Lucky for Michael there is another better job coming up, because he is ready to smash some heads together and possibly end up in jail himself.
Detective Aaron Slade works drug vice and he needs Michael as his new partner. He sees the harassment Michael is enduring and he wants to help the man. But he is also attracted to him. Is it safe to be attracted to his partner?
These two bring the heat. They really have a great start to a story. I would like to see this one flushed out more into a full book because there is so much potential here for more. I love a story that brings passionate heat, and great story telling together. Two men who are tough as nails can make it work, in both their jobs and love.
My Next Pick is Love Under Cover by author E.M. Leya this is another new to me author. I love anthologies for that reason you can find amazing authors you might not have picked up before and get a taste for how they write.
In Love Under Cover we meet Curt who has had to infiltrate a tough biker gang. But when a fellow officer is caught can he protect the man, specially when it is a man he used to love?
Tony remembers being at the police academy with him. But he knows now he has to do what Curt says in order to stay alive. There is a lot of passionate danger in this book. I really think this one is a well thought out story and fast paced. It packs a punch for as short as it is. I would definitely read more from Ms. Leya in the future based on the love and connection in this story.
Over all I highly recommend this anthology, all the stories fit nothing seems to come out of left field which I particularly love. There is action, adventure, and lots of love. Also you might be like me and find a couple of new to you authors you would like to read more of in the future.

                                                  Five Shooting Stars

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