Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vice by Rosanna Leo

Title: Vice
Author Rosanna Leo
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: MF, Contemporary
Pages: 183
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
As a Vegas singer and volunteer counselor, Kate Callender has experienced life on both sides of Sin City’s bright lights. The thrill of performing, and gambling’s devastating effect on the addicts’ families.

Liam Doyle is just the kind of man she despises—a handsome, enigmatic businessman with a knack for seducing customers into his casino hotels. Determined to put a lid on his growing influence, she prepares to picket the opening of his newest casino, Vice.

When Liam spots the lone protestor hassling his customers, annoyance wars with instant attraction. And he quickly discovers the leggy redhead not only can’t be bought, she tempts him the way the sound of a roulette wheel lures a gambler.

They are natural enemies, but when a vile attack sparks Liam’s protective instincts, they begin a sexual odyssey that dances on the edge of addiction. Dangerously close to losing control...and losing themselves.


Vice by author Rosanna Leo is a really sweet romance. It made me smile a lot as I read this one. I like how Ms. Leo brings passionate heroines to her books. Kate is truly a passionate woman. She does jingles for commercials and is a volunteer councilor for people recovering from gambling addiction. She is sassy, strong, and very independent. She also has a lot of deep secrets she keeps to herself. She will never give up on a cause she truly believes in.
Liam Doyle is the new Vegas casino golden boy. He is the kind of man that Kate hates. He is self assured, good looking, and successful. He would be perfect if he was not the owner of all of her troubles. Liam has his own set of problems. Yes he is successful but his personal life is a mess. He doesn't even know how much of a mess it really is.
When Liam opens Vice a new casino Kate makes it her one woman mission to picket it. Liam cannot help but be drawn to her sassy feisty nature.
When they get to know each other they find out that they are really good for each other. I loved watching them dance around their feelings. They have a passionate spark, but a cautious nature to their romance. Together they are stronger than they are apart.
This story is for the truly romantic who likes a little humor in their romance too. 

                                 Five Twinkling Stars


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