Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tied Together by ZB Heller

Title: Tied Together
Author: ZB Heller
Publisher: Amazon.com
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher's Blurb

Ryan Keller had it all when he came out in high school; accepting parents, friends and his own credit line for J. Crew. His cocky attitude and good looks got him what he wanted, including samples off the man meat buffet. Then he found his favorite dessert, Brandon. But Brandon wasn’t sending out a rainbow vibe so Ryan was sent to the land that crushes dread, the friend zone.

Brandon Ford was buried so deep down in the closet that clothes from the seventies had a better chance of coming out. His anxieties of acting on his desires could keep a therapist entertained for hours. Even though he did his best to build his emotions out of bricks, it was no use against Ryan’s charms.
Follow Ryan and Brandon’s relationship from high school, to college and beyond to find out if they will be Tied Together.

Warning: No Anaconda Turtles have been harmed in the making of this book.

Tied Together by author ZB Heller is a truly beautiful book. These two characters really do come full circle to find real and lasting love. Ryan is the overly confident, happy go lucky jock in high school. Brandon is the geeky, shy, and abused boy from the trailer park. They become the most unlikely of friends. Ryan came out to his family and was accepted right away. Brandon has always had to hide he was gay. This causes friction when Ryan and Brandon get together finally when they are in college. Ryan has a lot of growing up to do. Brandon has to learn how to function for the first time without Ryan. He does and when they come together again they just might both be ready for each other.
I loved how they grew together as friends and lovers. Brandon is an amazing character of depth and kindness. Ryan is the fun loving, but kind one. Together they are what the other needs.
I love the humor and romance in this book. There is a great blend of both, and I liked how each character got to tell the story from their point of view. Let me really sink into their psyche and feel what they felt.
When you want a story of true love and growing up together this is the book to pick up. I am so very glad I did. 

                             Five Shooting Stars

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