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The Luna Werewolves Collection Volume 1 by Marcy Jacks

Title: The Luna Werewolves Collection Volume 1
Series: Luna werewolves 1-3
Author: Marcy Jacks
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: MM, Werewolf, Contemporary
Pages: 106,479
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
In Captured with His Pregnant Mate, Roarke O'Neil, an alpha luna werewolf, is captured in a pack's territory. He's not afraid, until he catches the scent of his mate being held in a cage nearby. His mate who is pregnant by someone else. Westley Moore has lost all hope of surviving, but he and his mate must work together to escape the pack that wants them dead, but there is nowhere run to for protection, so Roarke must stand his ground. In The Omega in Control, Josh Carpenter has just literally run into his mate. Taylor Cadman grew up believing alphas were cruel to their omega mates, and if Josh wants to mate him, Taylor will do it on one condition. Taylor will be in charge. Though it goes against his instincts, Josh begins to realize that taking the submissive role doesn't make him less of an alpha. In What Big Teeth You Have, Ashkii Fisher is a bear shifter with no place within the pack of luna werewolves. They are so kind to him after the death of his mate, so he cannot help but stay. Then he meets another omega luna werewolf, David Austen, running away from an abusive mating that he broke off. Ash is stunned to learn that he has another mate, and he won't let anything happen to this one. ** A Siren Erotic Romance


This is my first time reading author Marcy Jacks and I loved what I have read so far. She has an amazing series with her Luna werewolves. I cannot wait to read more. In this collection you get
The Luna Werewolves Collection Volume 1. This is books 1-3 in the series.

The first book is
Captured with His Pregnant Mate : Luna Werewolves, 1

Roarke has been captured by those who wish to use Luna wolves as either punching bags for training, or just out right killing them. That is the fate of the Alpha Lunas. The Omega's they get sold into sexual slavery. Roake is an Alpha. He is strong and defeats almost all the enemies so they want to keep him for training purposes. What Roake doesn't count on is also finding his mate in the enemy camp. He is in a cage and pregnant.

Westley has been in the cage for a while now. His friend who got him pregnant is dead. He never thought he would find his mate while pregnant with someone else's child but he has. He will do anything to have Roake love him as much as he is coming to love Roake.

I loved these two. Brave, strong, and kind hearted. They are a strong match. Even heavily pregnant Westley is brave and strong. He is a fighter and both the baby and Roake need him to be right now. The character connection and love kept me wanting more of this book.

Next book is:
The Omega in Control: Luna werewolves, 2
In this book the pack has established themselves a little more which was nice to see. Roake is the leader now. They don't have much but they have each other.
Josh who we met in book one, he had helped Roake and Westley be together. Well now he is a part of the Roake's new pack. Josh is an Alpha but a kind and fair minded one. I liked he was willing to let his Omega lead. He is willing to bend for the right person.
Taylor, at first I had a hard time liking Taylor. He was a jerk to Josh. But once we figure out why he is a jerk, then it all clicks together. He is actually just protecting his heart from future hurt. But sometimes to go forward you have to open your heart again. That is something Taylor must learn for himself. Again great character connection in this book. I loved how they are coming together now as a pack, and how each character is growing a little more as this series progresses.

The last book in this Volume is:
What Big Teeth You Have: Luna Werewolves, 3

This book has a new kind of shifter in it. A werebear named Ashkii. He prefers just Ash. Ash is thinking of leaving the Luna pack. He cannot see himself in a pack that is happy, and everyone mated. He has lost his mate a long time ago and still cannot get over that lose. So he ventures out of the pack. He is almost hit by his mate David.
David is fleeing his former mate. He was abused both mentally and physically by the man. He broke the connection to him and left. He has to find himself in this book and accept a bear shifter as his mate. Not to mention still flee from his old mate.
Lots of angst, love, and pure romance in this book. I love this one the most. I have a thing for sweet but spicy reads and this one fits that bill to a T.

Over all The Luna Werewolves Collection Volume 1 is well written. The series flows and really makes you want to read the next one. I love how well thought out everything is and how each character grows while new ones come into play. I would love more of this series it is a must read for all paranormal, MM, romance lovers.

                                                    Five Shooting Stars

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