Monday, January 18, 2016

Stepbrother's Rules by Renee Rose

Title: Stepbrother's Rules
Author: Renee Rose
Publisher: Romance Beckons
Genre: MF, Taboo, Contemporary
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
LuAnn’s had a crush on her older, rebellious stepbrother since the year he lived with them—his last year of high school. Now, four weeks before graduating from Sarah Wharton Women’s College, she’s been kicked out for having boys in her dormitory, and he’s the one who shows up to collect her. With her parents away in Europe, he brings her to his place, because leaving a young woman unchaperoned isn’t done in 1957.

Brad makes it clear she is not to emulate the wild behavior of his youth, and he starts things out with a long, bare-bottomed punishment. Soon, though, he discovers his stepsister is all grown up, and having her under his authority makes her a temptation too delicious to resist. Before long, he’s strayed way past what is acceptable, turning her into his little girl and bringing her to the peaks of pleasure during her numerous punishments. LuAnn brings out the dominant side of him, but with it comes the desire to take care of her and nurture the sweet innocence she’s been trying to cover up. He wants her for keeps, which means risking their parents’ disapproval and leaving his rebellious side behind forever.

Publisher’s Note: The book contains spanking, elements of age play and graphic sexual scenes. If such content offends you, please do not buy this book.


Renee Rose has a really fun and naughty read with Stepbrother's Rule. Luann is a good girl in the fifties. She has always had a crush on her stepbrother Brad. But he is older and probably not interested in her. She gets kicked out of her all girl school and Brad takes over caring for her. Well soon she learns she loves Brad in a non brotherly way. But she has no idea how to make Brad see her as more than a sister.
Brad has always loved Luann. But he has not wanted to bring her into his lifestyle. He doesn't think she can handle it. He is dominating, tough, and likes his women submissive.
Little do the both of them know they are what the other needs in and out of bed. Luann likes rules as much as Brad likes to give them.
These two have chemistry that is off the charts hot. There are elements of BDSM play in this book. This is not a fluffy, lovey dovey read. But I like a little spice with my romance and this fits that bill to a T. I liked the age play as well. The taboo elements were well done and over all I really liked the pace of this book. For what this book is it is an excellent read if you like your books to be on the very naughty side of love. 

                                        Four Twinkling Stars


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