Friday, January 22, 2016

Scarred Soldier, Inked Angel by Angelique Voisen

Title: Scarred Soldier, Inked Angel
Series: Broken Soldiers, 1
Author: Angelique Voisen
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 36
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Max Rider thought putting on the uniform would make him a hero, but he only returned home a broken man. Rider’s entire back is covered in scars. He’s determined to cover them up with ink, and the only man he’d trust with a needle is tattoo artist, Mike Ferrara.

Five hours on his chair and Mike’s already fallen in love with his human canvas, Rider. Those who need work done on their skin always want something. A dose of courage. A lucky charm. Rider wants protection from his demons, but Mike isn’t satisfied with inking wings on Rider’s skin. He wants to claim Rider as his own, cast off his chains, and teach him how to fly.


Scarred Soldier, Inked Angel by author Angelique Voisen is the first book in the Broken Soldiers series. There is a ton to love about this book. I like how even in a short story context Ms. Voisen makes me feel very connected to her characters.
Ryder is going through a living hell when we meet him. He is recovering from surviving war. He has panic attacks, PSTD, and most of his body is scarred. He goes to Michael's shop to reclaim part of his body as his own with a taboo.
Michael own his own tattoo shop. He is dominate, and has always thought Ryder was arrogant and spoiled. But seeing him broken, awakes the Dom inside of Michael. He wants Ryder. He wants the broken man to be his.
I really think this is a great beginning for both of these men. I hope we can revisit them in the future and see how they are getting along. They are extremely hot, and well suited. I love a story that leaves you wanting more and this one does. When you want your romance short and steamy this is the one to pick up. 

                                        Five Shooting Stars


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