Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rapture by Angelique Voisen

Title: Rapture
Series: Bound to be Naughty
Author: Angelique Voisen
Publisher: All Romance Ebooks
Genre: MM, MC biker, Contemporary
Pages: 131
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Seeing him whole, perfect, and on his knees…I desired him.

One look at him told me he was a young man on the verge of ruination, of being an addict and a slave to his passions. He was on Marco’s arm, and was introduced as Marco’s boy. The next time I saw him, he was Marco’s marked and branded property. One moment he was free, the next he was not. He’s flawless, or he used to be. Now he’s just damaged goods. Just another piece of property owned by the Reaper Brotherhood drug cartel.

Chase is just another wasted statistic, or he should’ve been if not for my hasty intervention. I made the worst mistake any up-and-coming monster could’ve made. I wanted him so much that even after he’s no longer perfect, I still wanted to save him from his inevitable doom.


Bound to Be Naughty Series starts out with Rapture by Angelique Voisen. If you are a true Ms. Voisen fan this is going to be grittier and darker than most of her works. I found it really worked for the setting and the characters. I liked seeing her do a departure from what I expected of her works.
There are some scenes in this book that are really graphic, but they are right within the elements of the story itself. So I really like how well thought out this book was. Everything fits.
Chase when we meet him he is just getting to know the local drug pusher in the bike gang. He is fresh and young ready to take on the world. When we meet him again, he is beaten both physically and mentally. He is a broken man who needs to be rescued from his own addictions.
Kade is no one's idea of a knight in shining armor. He is more like the death dealer who puts you in the ground kind of guy. He asks to take Chase as his submissive. He does not force Chase to submit to him, he makes him want to submit to him. His domineering but gentle personality really draw in Chase.
When this book ends for me it is bitter sweet. I am not found of the ending but again it fits. This is not a fluffy romance. I like this one for its realism and emotional angst. Really is a must read if you like your stories a little on the darker side.

                                      Five Shooting Stars

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