Monday, January 18, 2016

Kidnapped by a Warrior by Ravenna Tate

Title: Kidnapped by a Warrior
Series: Prequel: Voyeur Moon, 1
Author: Ravenna Tate
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Futuristic Sci Fi, MF
Pages: 81
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Life on Earth ended as Callie O’Doyle knew it six months earlier when aliens invaded much of the planet, including the quiet harbor town where she lives. As she walks home late one night from work, she comes face to face with an alien in a spacecraft who injects something into her arm. When she wakes, she’s no longer on Earth, and the male alien has brought her to his home.

Although Jakara is physically appealing and doesn’t mistreat her, it’s also clear he’s taken her prisoner, and he gives her no choice but to submit. The longer Callie gives her body to this mysterious man, the more quickly her heart follows.

But as their feelings for each other grow, so does the danger they’re in. Jakara broke all the rules when he took Callie for his own, and if she’s found, it will mean their death.


Kidnapped by a Warrior is the first book in the Voyeur Moon series by author Ravenna Tate. Callie since the Tyranns have take over Earth, she has yet to find a job. Her parents and both sisters were taken in the first invasion. She is determined to find them. She does have a few friends around. She gets a job helping an art dealer. Only she gets abducted on her way home.
Special Agent Retrieval Commander Jaraka came to Earth to get Callie. He really would rather not take her but he has orders and he will follow them. He has to take her to Voyeur Moon but once he has her he finds letting her go harder than he ever imagined.
He commands his own craft and has been known to disobey orders before.
I liked these two Callie has true spirit and drive. She is not one to just roll over and take it. She is a fighter all the way. I loves strong women with soft hearts and she is that.
Jaraka is his own brand of alpha hero. He has a little bad boy in him to, but his heart is pure gold.
These two have great chemistry that kept me reading and wanting more. This is the perfect introduction into what promises to be a great series. I cannot wait to read the next book and see where Ms. Tate takes us next in her strange new world order. 

                                       Five Shooting Stars

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