Saturday, January 16, 2016

Harder & Harder to Breathe by N.J. Neilsen

Title: Harder & Harder to Breathe
Series: Hidden Hearts, 1
Author: N.J. Nielsen
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 193

Publisher's Blurb

Disaster brings people together in the most unexpected ways. Sammy Ranmore has just become the Steins brothers' next target in their ongoing scam. Being robbed then shot at, his life is falling apart. Who is after him and why? He needs a friend.

Micah Ives was over the unrequited love he'd felt for Sammy. Two years later his life is finally on track--or so he thinks. One phone call in the early hours of the morning has Micah running to save the day--and Sammy.

Sammy moved to Gatton to be closer to the one person he'd never get over. When his life gets thrown a curve ball of epic proportions, he calls Micah for help. With the help of family, Micah and Sammy must find out if they're strong enough to face evil--and see where newfound love can take them.


Harder& Harder to Breathe by author N.J. Nielsen is a fast paced, full of action both in and out of bed kind of book. Made me think of the saying sometimes you find love in the most unlikely of places.
Sammy is a trouble magnet. He has always managed to find the most abusive men to go out with. His newest abuser has taken all his money and left him with a broken life. He can only think of one person to help him. His own personal white knight Micah. But he burnt a bridge with Micah when he was in college can time repair that? Sammy hopes so because he has never stopped loving Micah even though he thought he was the one man he could never have.
Micah does have a white knight complex. He embraces it fully. He used to use it to save Sammy from himself and his little brother Jacen. Both men are trouble magnets and Micah was the big protector. He does realize that sometimes he comes off a little too protective but that is a part of his nature he cannot turn off.
Both men are really sweet, kind, and loving. They have both needed to find a person to appreciate the flaws and love them anyways that they both have.
I loved the friendship in this book. I also adored how protective Micah is of his friends and family a true alpha dominate character. This book really made me want Micah's little brother's story. Jacen is hopefully next because I really must read what happens to him. When you want an action packed, angst ridden romance this is the book to pick up.

                                                  Five Shooting Stars

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