Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Colors by Russell J. Sanders

Title: Colors
Author: Russell J. Sanders
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Genre: MM, YA, Contemporary
Pages: 204
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
High school senior Neil Darrien is a budding musical theater star. He has it all—a beautiful girlfriend, a scholarship at a prestigious school, and plenty of chances to showcase his talent. But when Zane Jeffrey comes to town and immediately lands a spot in the school show choir, Neil is jealous. What Neil didn’t count on, though, is Zane’s charm and humor, and the two soon become friends. Melissa, Neil’s girlfriend, notices Zane monopolizing Neil and draws Neil into her church. There Neil discovers a situation he knows he needs to fix, but if he does, a deep, dark secret that could cost him his future career might come out. When his relationship with Melissa becomes rocky, Neil is drawn to Zane in a way that is more than friendship.


Colors by author Russell J. Sanders is a very touching coming of age type of story. Neil has gone through trauma as a young child, he was betrayed by the very adults who should have been protecting him. His silence about the events has colored his entire teen years. He loves to sing in the church choir but the memories of what happened there years ago will not let him be free. He makes up personalities in his head, and acts like all is okay, when in truth that is the farthest from the truth.
Zane is the new kid in town and the only one that Neil feels he can be himself around. He wants to be an actor. They both build a friendship that is strong.
With this friendship Neil learns to be accepting of himself just the way he is, and to finally be free. Beautifully done story with lots of angst and love inside. I really liked this one made me remember to always accept my own self just the way I am. 

                                           Five Shooting Stars

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