Sunday, January 17, 2016

Broken Moon by Catherine Vale

Title: Broken Moon
Series: Order of Protection, 2
Author: Catherine Vale
Publisher: Wild Hearts Press
Genre: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance, MF
Pages: 111
Reviewer: Vela

Publisher Blurb

 When Harley awakens to find himself locked in a cell, he wonders what his captors could possibly want with him. After all, he is hardly the kind of man to give up secrets, especially ones about the Order of Protection, the agency he has been loyal to for most of his shifter life. Things are about to go from bad, to worse. When a new prisoner is thrown into the cell next to him, Harley knows what he has to do: find a way out of this hell hole, and make sure she is returned home safely. Harley might be the most wanted soldier in the shifter community, but the beautiful curvy woman in the cell next to him is the General’s daughter.
It's up to Harley to figure a way out, before it's too late.


Broken Moon by Catherine Vale kept my eyes glued to each page. I literally read this action story mixed with sizzling romance in one sitting, unable to put it down. One of Ms. Vale’s main characters named Jocelyne Fitsimmons is a self confident half shifter who can easily identify military men a mile away, intelligent enough to know not to interfere with their missions…until now.

Harley, a shape shifter werewolf, works for Order of Protection an agency who protects shape shifters and deals with all paranormal threats. Working for them for two years, he becomes deeply involved in a much larger plot. Being physically tortured, his heart becomes tested after meeting her…

Both characters seem to be perfect for each other, Jocelyne with her strong willed mind and Harley with his strong self confidence and alpha attitude.

I love this book from page one till the end. I literally read this in one sitting, unable to tear my eyes from the page. I love how smooth each scene transitioned between chapters and how the action scenes were written very well. I honestly couldn’t put this book down and would recommend it to anyone because of the author’s magical way of having two people meet under the most dangerous circumstance and still help romance bloom within the pages of the story. Bravo Catherine Vale, bravo. This is the second book in the Order of Protection series and can be read as a stand alone.

                                Five Shooting Stars


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