Thursday, December 10, 2015

Werewolf U by Brenna Lyons

Title: Werewolf U
Series: Werewolf U, 1
Author: Brenna Lyons
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Genre: MFM, Contemporary, Paranormal
Pages: 210
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Werewolf U (Werewolf U) by Brenna Lyons - Romance>Erotic Romance
Samara has been given a full scholarship to Lupi Lucania Universitas Scholarium in Italy. It's a dream come true. The university is one of the best in the world, and she intends to make the most of it. What she doesn't count on is two very distracting brothers who have a different idea of advancing her education than she does.

Usually she-wolves come to the University with full knowledge of Lupine history and traditions. James and Jason will have to teach their little mate everything. Born to a human who refused to take her wolf mate permanently into her life, Samara is nothing like what the duo envisioned...and more than they ever hoped for.

Werewolf U is the start of what promises to be an amazing series by author Brenna Lyons. Samara is a fiercely independent young lady. She has been given a full scholarship to and Italian university called Werewolf U. She really is clueless, about werewolves and her own heritage. No one has told her anything. Her mother is not the best woman in the world either. But despite that, she manages to be strong, kind, and very passionate. I loved her from the start. I liked the air of innocence she has about her too.
James and Jason. Well I like to refer to them as the trouble twins. Jason is the brother getting them into trouble and James is the one trying to get them out of the mess Jason got them in. They know Samara is their mate, but they have no idea how to tell her her heritage and what it all means. I liked they are young but still alpha. I can see them being really strong leaders later in life. They sure are well on their way right now.
Over all this is a fun, intense, and passionate read. I really enjoyed this introduction to Werewolf U and I hope to read many more in the future. 

                                  Five Shooting Stars 

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