Sunday, December 6, 2015

Waiting for Him by Samantha Cole

Title: Waiting for Him
Series: Trident Security, 3
Author: Samantha Cole
Publisher: Samantha Cole
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/F
Page or Word Count:
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Twelve years ago, eighteen-year-old Ben 'Boomer' Michaelson's world had fallen apart. Not only had his best friend, Alex Maier, been killed, but Alex's family had perished as well, including his seventeen-year-old sister, Katerina. The car accident occurred less than thirty-six hours after Ben and Kat had declared their love for each other, leaving him devastated at the loss of the only woman who'd ever held his heart in her hands.

After spending the past twelve years with her father in the Witness Protection Program, Kat finds herself all alone in the world. The last thing she wants to do is put her high-school sweetheart in danger, but he's the only person she has left who she trusts with her life. They need to find out who is after her and why. She just hopes they are both still alive when the mystery is solved.

Ben, now a former Navy SEAL working for a private security company, is shocked to find his new client is a ghost from his past. He knows he can't refuse to help her, but when it's over, he will have to let her go. She deserves better than the man he's become.

Will Ben and Kat survive? Or will he once again have to bury the only woman he's ever loved? 

In Waiting for Him by Samantha Cole we return to the sexy men of Trident Security. And I for one truly enjoy seeing what these retired military men will get into next. And with this story, Ben is shocked to learn a love he thought long gone isn’t as dead as he thought. Seeing a ghost and handling it well isn’t in Ben’s future but he will deal with the teasing as long as he can protect Kat.
Kat has loved and lost. And now with her world again in jeopardy she runs to the only man she not only loves but also trusts. But can he forgive her for allowing him to believe in her death? Ms. Cole gives the men of Trident Security something of a twist when one of their own is at risk. His past is affecting his future but his friends have is back but will they be enough? Ben and Kat circle each other as they try to protect what is left of their hearts. But Ms. Cole isn’t going to allow fear to have an upper hand for long and I love the way she allows both characters a way to move forward while accepting what cannot be changed. This story is action packed. The characters are fully developed and the emotion feels real and believable. I am so loving this series and can’t wait to see where Ms. Cole will take us next!

                        Five Shooting Stars

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