Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thankful with Kate Pearce - Contest

Hi, I’m Kate Pearce and one of the things I am very thankful for is that I get to live on the Big Island of Hawaii. I grew up in rainy England, so I think I deserve to have some sunshine in my life. The other thing that I am thankful for is that I get to write books that people enjoy reading.
When I was a kid I was always being told that my imagination would get me nowhere, and that I needed to buckle down, get with the program and conform. I did try. I worked in finance for a few years, and then paused my career to start a family. During that time we were relocated to the USA where I couldn’t work, so I proposed a plan to my lovely husband that I would be published in five years or I’d go back to school.
He was happy enough to support me while I tried to follow my dream, and I managed it—four years and eleven months later. That was 2005, and I’ve been published in one way or other ever since. So thank you to all the readers out there who have taken a chance on one of my books and allowed me to live out my dream. I can’t imagine a better life than doing something you love.
Happy Holidays!
Kate Pearce

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Awakening Amelia.
Regency historical romance. @copyright Kate Pearce 2015
A forgotten man...
When widowed Amelia Smith takes a fallen soldier into her household, she is shocked to discover he has no idea who he is. Determined to help him recover his memory, she embarks on a journey that will change and endanger them both.
An unconventional lady...
Working out whom and what he is brings back painful memories to ‘Marco’. The only constant in his life is his burning desire to take revenge on those who tried to steal everything from him. As his memories return, he needs Amelia Smith’s calm good sense more than he ever anticipated.
Can a relationship begun in such an unorthodox fashion blossom into love? Especially when the lady is hiding secrets of her own...

Highcliff Village, England 1815
Amelia stopped outside the milliner’s and stared across the dusty village street. On the other side of the road, a man lay sprawled face down in the gutter, his dark head turned away from her, one hand stretched out as though he was reaching for someone or something. For one horrible moment, she imagined it was Matthew.
Don’t stare, dearest. It’s not ladylike.”
She turned to her aunt who was looking remarkably flustered.
“Why can’t I stare? He’s hardly in any state to harm us.”
Aunt Betty brought out her handkerchief to dab daintily at her nose. “He is
probably drunk and deserves his fate. I’m so tired of seeing all these soldiers returning from the wars and loitering in our streets. Now, let’s go into the shop and find a new trim for your bonnet.”
The sun emerged from behind the sullen clouds and glinted on something bright on the man’s arm. Ignoring the shrill warnings of her aunt, Amelia crossed the muddy thoroughfare and, heedless of the state of her gown, knelt down beside the unmoving man.
He was, as she had suspected, a soldier. His military colors, faded by harsher climates than those of England, were ragged from repeated washing. A solitary scrap of gold lace gleamed on his arm, but the rest of the evidence of his rank and regiment had either been cut off or discarded.
Taking off her glove, Amelia felt the man’s throat and detected the faint erratic pulse of his heartbeat. He was still alive, and he definitely wasn’t inebriated. She gently rolled him onto his back, but his eyes remained closed. His skin was quite tanned, but his cheeks were hollow and his lips parched. She touched his forehead, which was burning hot.
Amelia! Not again.”
Her aunt’s voice finally penetrated her senses, and she glanced back over her shoulder to see Betty waving violently and almost dancing on the spot with agitation.
Come away, dear, before anyone sees you!”
Amelia wondered what anyone could complain about as she did her Christian duty, but her aunt was frightened of gossip and lived in terror of being the subject of it.
But she couldn’t leave the man lying there. She just couldn’t... 

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Debby said...

And that was just their first mistake.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Donna said...

Anyone could see them there.

Sula said...

and the children could just see Santa placing the presents under the tree and suddenly he picked up their sleeping mother from her chair and carried her away...would they ever see her again? slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com

Anonymous said...

They left the hallway door half open ..... What a big mistake it was. They let out the magical creature who flit and flew all over their house up to all sorts of mayhem. Pictures were loose, drawers were open, and drat that pixie laughed with mirth when we returned home.

Laura K

Anny Cook said...

They left the hallway door half open...never dreaming Keith and Noah would catch them making love...and join them.