Monday, December 21, 2015

Thankful Post with Lizzie T. Leaf -Contest

Thankful for a Lot~
Here’s to a Happy Holiday Season to one and all!
Can you believe that time of the year has rolled around again? Seriously, didn’t we welcome in 2015 a couple of months ago? Time flies these days. I wondered if age generated that illusion, but then my Teen granddaughter made a comment about how quickly this year had gone by. Maybe our hectic lifestyles of not enough time in our days accounts for the sensation.
But the conversations with the teens did make me stop and think about this past year as well as prior ones and I realize how blessed I am.
I have a family I love to spend time with. Getting together as a group involves lots of laughter and love.
I am married to a man who makes me feel special. Even if we disagree on something we don’t go to bed without saying, “I love you” and sharing a goodnight kiss.
My friends are very important and some have been around for a long time. When I’m down or need to bend an ear on an issue bugging me, I know who to call and it’s not Ghost Busters. Nope, I have people in my life that I call “Blah Busters” because they make me laugh and remind me to look at the more important things.
And taking downtime the past few months has also allowed me to access my career and the direction I want to go with my writing. Some of this will involve genre changes and the appearance of a couple of alter egos, but Lizzie will also come out with new work as well as republishing the ones on which rights have been returned.
But for now, the game plan is to take as much joy from this season as I can and then start 2016 with new determination. And I hope you join me in this and apply more zest to yours.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Nutcracker Returns
Claire's childhood dreams of the Sugar Plum Fairy, the nutcracker and the toy soldier coming to life gave her childish delight.

Now a grown woman with children of her own, her Christmas Eve dream takes a different path. The Sugar Plum Fairy is anything but sweet. And the nutcracker and toy soldier bring out anything but innocent thoughts for the adult Claire.
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To Win the Prize for this contest tell me what is your favorite holiday food?



Debby said...

I love having cookies.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Wendy said...

Ham and cheesy potatoes!

Sula said...

A Spanish Christmas treat call soft almond Turron, its like a nougat but nice a crumbly rather than chewy. slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com

Donna said...

My grandmothers Latkes

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Christmas cookies. I remember fondly the smells in the kitchen as they baked in the oven. Burnt my mouth many times sampling!

Laura K