Sunday, December 13, 2015

Seducing the Schoolmarm by Mahalia Levey

Title: Seducing the Schoolmarm
Series: Black Hill Wolves, 16
Author: Mahalia Levey
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: MF, Paranormal, Contemporary
Pages: 89
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Ravage Galveston knew moving to Los Lobos wouldn’t be easy. He and his sibling have never had a pack. His gut tells him the Black Hills Wolves is the place for his gay twin brother and his wayward sister to thrive. Then he meets the town’s sexy little schoolmarm. How she manages to turn his entire life upside down, he has no clue.

For years, Adrie Scarlett taught at human schools. But when her need to shift increases, she must leave her old life behind and move to the Black Hills. Having always loved being a teacher, she decides to offer her abilities to the young Wolves of Los Lobos. She adjusts to her new life just fine…until a Shifter Mixed Martial Arts fighter Wolf strolls into her classroom.

When they meet, their Wolves recognize their mate. But will their human side allow their lust to burn into something everlasting or cause it to fade out?

Seducing the Schoolmarm by Mahalia Levey is the 16th book in the Black Hill Wolves series. These do not have to be read in order. Most are complete stand alones. I do like how each author does seem to blend seamlessly into this series. I however had some issues with this book. The normal connection and heat between characters that I seek out when reading a romance was missing for me in this book. The story is fine, if in some places a bit over done, but the chemistry was very off in this story. I was sure the characters really didn't like each other at all.
Ravage is a twin. He is also a fighter, and caretaker to his youngerish siblings. I say ish cause he is a twin, but he takes care of everyone. His twenty year old sister is the real thorn in his side she loves trouble. Whoever she mates with with have his hands full with her.
Ravage is a dominate personality, kind, fair, and passionate. Perfect alpha male hero.
Adrie is a buttoned up werewolf. She likes her life neat and tidy. But Ravage is about to live up to his name and throw her off her game.
She is really shy, but once you get to know her there is no one more loyal.
Over all great premise to a story. The ideas are sound and well thought out. I just felt these characters didn't really like each other and would have rather not been in this story.

                                Four twinkling Stars

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